Tasks and Inspiration

Hey there beautiful people. It’s a Friday night and I’ve had a productive couple of days with the publisher.  Did you know that the descriptions of the story on the back of a book, are written by the author originally?  I didn’t. I always assumed it was the publisher or editor that wrote those descriptions together with the “About the author” that is usually somewhere inside the book too.

Well, turns out that I had the task of writing those myself! Who knew?  Maybe it’s only like that in the self-publishing world – maybe in traditional publishing the editor writes up those blurbs. I honestly don’t know. But I had to work on mine and I can tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds!!  Thank God I have a couple of gorgeous friends who I can bounce my ideas off.  They are under threat of torture if they mention anything to anyone and luckily they are trustworthy!!! Lol. (They know who they are and that I love them.)

So, I’ve pretty much done those tasks. Next – pictures and colours.

Speaking of pictures, thought I’d share with you a couple of my fave pics that always inspire me to write. Mind you, it’s only a couple because I have gazillions of them and I couldn’t fit them on here.  So, enjoy the pics, enjoy your evening or day, wherever you are.

And if so inspired, share some of your own

fave pics in the comments – I’d love to know.

Much love,


PS: Full credit goes to each artist of these pics. Truly, your work amazes and inspires me and I’m very grateful that you share your talents with us.  The memes are mine. Did you know I was making memes for months before I even knew that’s what they were called.?  Ha! And I found out when Austin Basis mentioned my memes on the Afterbuzz YouTube show!  True story! Lol.

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