Busy B’s and cute kitten Anniversaries!!


Hey all. That’s me working on my book 🔝. Nahhhh, I’m nowhere near that cute. However, I am working on my book, in amongst RL duties and chores.

The last few days I’ve been figuring out the book cover – what colours do I want, what do I want on there?  There’s so much to consider. I have an idea of what I want it to look like but of course, it’s gotta look good on paper, not just in my head. Luckily I have some lovely gorgeous people helping me out with that, because I’m no good with digital drawing or Photoshopping etc.  The thing is, once I submit what I want to the publisher, their graphic designers will get to work on it so maybe all I need to do is describe what I want but I’d rather give them a visual, instead of just words.  I’d rather give them too much than not enough, yanno what I mean?

Today is actually the first anniversary of when I started writing, EXACTLY a year ago!! Can you believe that?  Who knew that when I started writing my first story, “Distraction” that it would then spin out to continue in “Control” then “Aftermath” and “Revelation”??  Who knew that hundreds around the world would read my work, from far-off places like Morocco, Iceland, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Japan?? And so many other countries!  I certainly didn’t!!   Who knew it would cultivate some beautiful friendships with people who started off as “fans”?  Who knew I’d have “fans”!!!!!  😳😳.  That alone was extraordinary.

And who knew that all of that would lead to a publisher somehow finding me and approaching me to publish?   Amazing, unbelievable and jaw dropping. I would never have believed it had someone told me a year ago this would happen. Yet it has and I am so very very blessed. Thankyou to each and everyone of you and I hope you’ll continue the journey with me.  So……happy anniversary to us all !!

Of course, that story isn’t finished yet – you’ll have to wait for Book number Two to be released in the future.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed my first one-shot, Parisian Love. Thankyou to all the French beasties for helping me get the French right.   Particularly Claudia who ironically isn’t French at all. I wrote that for a lovely friend Leelee who was curious what would happen with all the name confusion, especially in naughty moments. Lol. And of course, my mind went sliding straight into the gutter. So, Leona, take a bow…..that one was your fault.

And now, I have at least three people wanting to know what happened to the panties?  (Talk about smutty minds, haha ) A oneshot is meant to be ONE shot but it looks like a sequel is needed.  Seriously, you guys are hysterical.  I promise I will write a Part Two but it’ll have to wait a bit while I prepare the manuscript.

So, drop me a line or comment or suggestion or a kiss…..whatever you wanna share. As always, much love and enjoy yourself wherever you are in the world.

Lots love


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