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Yes, I do.  My thinking cat has already worked out what will happen to the panties in the sequel to Parisian Love. Can’t wait to get started on that. However. RL is kicking my butt. Again.

Some of you may know that we will be moving house as soon as we find a suitable home so the hunting for that is taking up some of my time which I’d really prefer to spend on the final manuscript for the book. But it’s gotta be done because we can’t stay where we are much longer……it’s definitely time to move on.

Nevertheless, the script is moving along very steadily. It’s been very interesting to go back to the beginning of the story, the beginning of my writing journey and see how much has changed since then. Back then, I was just starting and didn’t really know myself or my writing style – that developed as I went along and grew in confidence. Looking at the initial chapters from the benefit of twelve months experience is quite eye-opening. It makes me wonder what another twelve months will bring. Another two years. Five. I get excited with all the possibilities.

So far, nearly everything that I need to do before giving it to the publisher to start their process has been done. Pen name is chosen – can any of you guess what it might be? The cover is being drawn so I can show it to the graphic designers and they’ll have a complete picture of what I had in mind. The title is decided. The blurbs are done. Things are chugging along beautifully.

The only thing I have to concentrate on is fine tuning the manuscript – in between house hunting, possibly moving at the drop of a hat, and Christmas preparations. And paying a bunch of expenses like car registration just a couple days after Christmas is noooooo fun at all. Ahhhh well, we are heading into a new year very soon after all that so ……..bring on the new beginnings, I say !!!!  I for one will be so glad to see the ass-end of this year. It’s been a rough one for so many people that I know, myself included.  Time for some brilliant happy things, don’t you think?

So here’s the challenge I mentioned – I need help getting my gofundme page sent out to the masses of the world so I’m going to offer some swag.

For the person who shares my account with the most people (and you’d have to be able to verify how many people you shared it to, with a snapshot or some other means) they will receive a surprise gift together with an autographed bookmark.

AND for the person who raises the most funds  – an autographed copy of the book (which I still can’t announce the title of…… Wish I could but I have to wait just a little longer.)

I guess I should put an end date to the challenge so I’m gonna go with……..18th December. That’s long enough isn’t it?

There are some people who have already contributed enormously to my campaign – please be assured, I know who you are and I don’t expect you to do anything more – you’ve already done so much and I haven’t forgotten. Of course you can join in if you want, I just don’t expect you to.

So, if you’re inclined to help me out by sharing my gofundme account to your friends and contacts, I’d be ever so grateful. Any help or donation is gonna get this publishing career off the ground so much faster and enable me to pay for all the expenses involved. I’d be so grateful for your help in any way, forever.  The link for that is :

Also, just for fun…..any suggestions for a title to the sequels of Parisian Love, a oneshot that’s gonna be a twoshot?  Would love to hear your ideas……….

Much love as always,


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