Honoured and Buzzed

And it is Thursday in my part of the world !!  A very momentous day for me. You see I not only found out that the new Beauty and the Beast Season Four DVD release included my video in its Special Features but I also got to watch it!! (Even though I don’t have the DVD yet – don’t ask, lol).

You see, at the start of August this year Mr Austin Basis contacted me to ask if I’d be part of the DVD, together with some other gorgeous people – he was given permission by CBS studios to chose some people and he honoured me by asking. Naturally I said yes and proceeded to submit what they needed. At the time, I couldn’t say anything to anyone and there was no way of even knowing if they would use any of my clip or not – it was entirely up to the studio.

As you can imagine, it’s been a long wait till today to find out if they did use any of my stuff and it turns out they did.!! OMG- What a thrill and an honour to be part of the DVD.💖💖💖💖💖💖 This show has brought so many wonderful things into my life and this is just another one.  Although you won’t see my name as Zelly but as my full real name, you’ll know it’s me easily. Soooooo………..honoured and buzzed.!! Thankyou Batb, Thankyou Austin, Thankyou CBS studios!! 😘😘😘😘 And most importantly, thank God my hair behaved the day I recorded it – lol – DVDs are forever. 😬😬

How’s the challenge going? Everybody got their thinking caps (cats) on??  I’ve had a few people show me their gofundme shares and their suggestions for a part two title to Parisian Love…… Who else would like to update me?  Remember, the cut off for the prizes will be 18th December and I’d love to award some gifts to some very special people. Looking forward to seeing more suggestions!  Some have been very clever and I’m sure there’s even more fun ones out there!  And share share share!!!!   The links are in the previous blog post for those that need a refresher. 

So that’s the latest for today. If you happen to see the DVD extras, I give you permission to snicker and giggle at me, but only a LITTLE!!!  Just a little, okay??? Okay. 👍🏼👍🏼. 

Much love as always 😘💋😘💋😘


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3 thoughts on “Honoured and Buzzed

  1. Dear Zelly. Wow can’t wait to watch that my DVD will arrive in 2 more days. Happy for you and for us to have that to treasure forever with our loved show. I was pretty busy lately but please let me know how can I help you with the challenge and be sure I’m on it because I have told you, your are gifted and love all that you write.
    Love you xoxoxo Caro

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    1. Hey Caro!! I hope you are well? Good to hear from you. If you want to join in the challenge fun – there’s two parts to it. I’m going to write a sequel to Parisian Love so I need a title


    2. And the second part is to share my gofundme account as much as possible and whoever raises the most funds will also get a prize. Two prizes for those two challenges. All for fun and good. Hope you stay well. 😘😘😘 much love to you. Xxxx


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