Tick Tock- time’s running out


Yes, it sure is.  The challenge ends tomorrow 😳😳. And it’s only eight days till Christmas! Hope you’re ready for it because I’m not. I never really am… It seems to sneak up on me regardless of how organised I try to be. Still… This Christmas will be different for me for a variety of reasons. I hope yours is filled with so much goodness and love.

Cant believe  it’s almost the 18th already!  That went by so very very fast. I hope you’ve got all your submissions into me by now for the challenge?   If you haven’t, well….there’s still time. My previous post has all the details of what’s going on so be sure to get your suggestions in to me and also the info as to how many times you posted or raised the most.

I’m looking forward to drawing some winners ! 😊😊 I’ve never done such a thing as this and how fun to be able to award some lovely people something nice.  I’ll do the draw on the 19th  (my time) – because it’ll still be the 18th for a lot of you……..Australia is in the future, remember? Lol. So to be fair, I’ll wait till the westcoast USA drags its self over the 18th to do the draw……looking at you, Kelly and Carol and Ruth and soooo many others.

So…..good luck!!


Much love,



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