2017 FINALLY !!

On this last day of an absolute shocker of a year, I am so so glad that I’m just a few hours away from 2017.

This year has been a year of extremes for me – incredibly sad and stressful yet full of some amazingly hopeful things too.

The new year is going to be such a better year. It’s the year that I finally get to move into a new home. The year that my first book is published and if that goes well, then hopefully the sequel as well ! I’m hopeful that enough people purchase my first book to warrant the publication of its sequel. It’s the year that my financial situation improves and the year that my health significantly improves. So it’s gonna be great!

This morning I tweeted out this wonderful little thing I saw – I’m gonna name it The Gratitude Jar – and it seems many people like the idea. I’m gonna do it too. I think it’s a fantastic way to remember the things we need and should be grateful for. As the year moves on, it’s very easy to forget the good things. It doesn’t even need to be a jar. It can be a box. Or a bag. Whatever works for you.  Use pretty paper. Or ugly paper. Doesn’t matter which. Just fill up your jar with good stuff.!

Another thing I thought I’d share with you is something I’m doing this year. I actually had started to do this this year and then we moved into Mum’s house temporarily while house hunting, she passed away unexpectedly nine days later and well…….I just never continued with it. By the time I got my head together enough to see straight, too much of the year had gone and I decided to start fresh next year. I’ll attach a picture of my savings plan for Christmas 2017 here.  The idea is very simple. Just follow the numbers. You don’t have to start at number 1/first week. You can start anywhere you want. Just be sure to cross off something each week. If you like this idea but you’re confused, just ask me….

So, my lovely friends……I hope that wherever you are celebrating the New Year, that you are safe. I hope 2017 brings you all so much happiness, love, joy and prosperity. I hope that your year kicks butt and takes no prisoners!  Dance, be happy and no hangovers for you.

Thank you one and all for following me and hope you continue the journey with me next year.

Much love,

Zelly 😘😘😘😘😘

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2 thoughts on “2017 FINALLY !!

  1. Happy New Year Dear Zelly. Wish you all the best and more. I’m almost sure will be visiting Australia in January I’m heading to watch Australian open in Melbourne then hope to meet yo there

    Love your jar idea I will do it for 2017

    Million kisses and warm hugges

    Love you



    1. Oh my gosh!!! That would be sooooooo awesome to meet. Woohoo. Hugs and kisses, and happy new year, my lovely friend. 👏🏼👏🏼💖💖💖


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