To quote the King… “You gave me a mountain

Hello there my lovely friends,  how are we? Hopefully well and happy.

If you are wondering why I’m quoting an Elvis song, well….. he said it so well when he sang…”You gave me a mountain, this time.”   Because a couple of weeks ago, you see,  it felt like I was literally standing at the bottom of a huge mountain and wondering if I had the strength and energy or even the damn motivation to climb that bloody mountain again.

You see, in the space of a couple of days, we missed out on a favourite house (at that point ) and I was told by the television studios in Los Angeles that because of copyright restrictions, a big part of my book would have to be adjusted. Truthfully I was massively disappointed because I had been lead to believe that it would be OK as it was.

So with that double whammy, I felt sideswiped.  So I had to regroup and it took a bit of energy. And loads of meditation.  Zen was my friend,  let me tell you, LOL. Continuing the house hunt hasn’t been fun because I just wanna move already but it’s not that bad in the scheme of things. What really threw me was contemplating what I needed to change in the book, from plot lines to character names. I have to admit I was quite devastated and it took me several days to get my ass into gear. I went from this……..


To this……..


To finally this…….


There were some very special people who pulled me through this crapfest and to them I say, I love you and thank you, as always.💋💋

So! Still house hunting! Found a new fave this weekend, so people – cross your fingers and toes and eyes for me, please. And anything else you can cross.

And most importantly, got all my adjustments worked out and rewriting them so all is back on track. Woot woot!  In the end, I actually enjoyed the process of new names and plot adjustments. I hope that you like the changes and the new character names……you’ll never guess what they are.  A couple of people know but they are sworn to SECRECY!!  Lives would be at stake, truly.  😬😬😬

Anyway, now you’ll hopefully be as excited as I will be when it’s all ready to be released.

Meanwhile, feel free to drop me a line and take guesses over the new names……

Take care and much love as always!



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6 thoughts on “To quote the King… “You gave me a mountain

  1. Happy for you sweet 💜💜 . Enjoy your new home. I waiting another awesome shot about VinCat 😉. Un abrazo


  2. Wow honey, life has been tough on you again. Too bad you had to make adjustments but it will be very exciting to discover what they will be. And I am convinced you will find the lovely right house that is waiting for you. But of course I’ll cross my fingers and everything else for you. You are a very strong lady and you will climb the mountain darling! Love and big hug xx


  3. Keep doing and I’m totally sure you will get anything you want and wish. You are a fighter. We will support you always xoxoxo 💋❤💋❤💋😱


  4. Mary (@BATBVINCATfan) February 12, 2017 — 4:26 pm

    As I’ve said numerous times hun, you can & will overcome this mountain & I know or wok all work out for the best in the end! You have the talent to see this through & I truly believe your book will be much better for it in the end! I also believe you will find the right house, when that house is ready for you, so just be patient & keep believing!
    Big hugs to you honey xox


  5. How bloody blessed am I to have people like you in my life.? Thankyou so much. Love you dearly and your heart inspires me always.


  6. Love you lady! You got this and will look back one day & remember how you overcame it all!


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