Mantras and challenges

  Still rocking the Wonder Woman ensemble!! 

My apologies for the long break between updates. Honestly my life lately has been an ongoing series of traumatic events and stressful situations with the occasional laugh thrown in just to ensure that I don’t completely lose my hard-fought-for sanity. If I wrote here all the things that have happened just in the last few weeks, you’d swear that you were reading some melodramatic soap opera! Truly you would. There’s been times I took to drink – I did, I swear and I’m not a drinker!

I have lamented often lately, “why oh why is this happening all the bloody time??” And do you know what I finally came to realise? Slowly but painfully a number of people have revealed their true colours to me and it was literally in response to my own changing. You see, people don’t like it when you get to the breaking point and decide that you’re not going to take their crap any more. It freaks them out – how dare you change? How dare you decide to not put up with my shoddy behaviour?

Anyone relate to that?

That’s what has been happening….the more that I decided I’m not willing to be the nice girl, the peace keeper that lets other people get away with crap they’d never do – the more those people showed me their true sides, their true colours. And boom! just like that I hit my limit. People can be toxic in your life, toxic to you and you sometimes have to walk away.

So walk I have. Yay me. 👍🏼😊

It comes at a big emotional price but I’m not willing to pay with physical stress anymore, just to let the toxicity of these people have their way.

Enough is enough. A beautiful friend of mine gave me this and it’s now my mantra –

“I allow nothing and no one, least of all myself, to weaken or injure me with negative words or deeds.”

Thanks, C. 💋

Thanks also to the Angels for guiding me through these last few turbulent weeks – my Earth Angels ( looking at you, J, M, T, J, R, and R) as well as my Heavenly Angels, Guardian Angels and beloved lost souls. And my Angel cards…..I have given them a working out lately, believe me.

Now, that aside…I have been making progress on my book. Another yay me.! 😊 It’s been loads of fun changing characters names etc. Yes, I was disappointed I couldn’t use the show’s original names but that’s okay…..I’m over that and I’m climbing that mountain (remember I was standing at the bottom of the mountain in a previous blog? I reckon I’m about half way up now.). Ignore me if I start yodelling as I climb.

You’ll never guess the characters new names……Dare you to try! Go on….. Lol.

It’s funny how the need to change the characters names and certain aspects of the story has turned into an opportunity to recreate the story and will then hopefully be even better. Hidden blessings, as they say.

It does make me wonder if there was some way that I could market or sell the fanfic version as I originally wrote it? Anyone know the legality of that? Anyone even want the original version? Sound off in the comments or contact me if you have ideas etc…..I wouldn’t mind hearing what you think.

As unfortunate as its been that my book is taking longer than I anticipated, hopefully the end product will be worth it.

For now, I better get back to writing and editing.

Promise I’ll update faster.

Much love,

Zelly. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

PS: for those wanting to know – no, we haven’t found a house yet, still looking and it’s driving me crazy.

PPS: Woohhoooooo! Go the Richmind Tigers!! Footy is back and I love it.

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3 thoughts on “Mantras and challenges

  1. Hey honey, sorry in late in seeing/responding to this, but as you already know, my life just got a whole lot busier lately & I’ve fallen way way behind on twitter!
    I’m so props of you for not giving up, despite all the shit that’s been thrown at you & I am paying for you to have great success with this new version of your book & also with finding the perfect home for you & most of all for greatly improved health!
    Also, as far as the original fanfic goes, i would love to get my hands on that & world be very happy to pay for it – as I’m sure many other Beasties would be – but I honestly don’t know what the legality of that would be. Perhaps people can just donate to your GoFundMe account when they access it? I would be happy to do that myself 😉
    All the best with everything Zelly, I pray things really do work out for you in the end & I honestly do believe they will, you just need to hang in there & keep climbing for now! xox


  2. Ruth darling….I always smile when I think of you. I think it’s because you have one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known, I see your FB posts and they are full of positivity and joy and I just adore that. I am grateful for people like you in my life. Thankyou for the prayers, know that they are reciprocal and returned a thousand fold. 💖💖💖💖


  3. Love you lady! You are in my prayers daily! Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my world, I am grateful for you.


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