New Beginnings 

Hello there everyone!!  Remember how in my last blog post I said I got a house?  It’s still true and here I sit in it!  It’s been a mad scramble in a short space of time to move into our new house on the 15th, ten days after getting the news that it was ours. We’ve been here just over a week now. That meant we were moving in the day before Easter Sunday – I don’t advise anyone to do that!  Moving house is always a stressful and chaotic time anyway but for us it was even more so – moving US from my mother’s house after 13 long months and moving my STUFF from out of storage clear across one side of town to the other.

As you can imagine, some things didn’t survive the transition – a few broken glasses, things covered in layers and layers of dust. I have been washing everything that has come out of the boxes, linens, crockery, absolutely everything. The dishwasher and clothes washer have been running nonstop.  But it’s funny when you see all your stuff spread out over the double garage, taking up every tiny inch of space and you see the mountains of boxes and you think to yourself : “why do I have all this crap?  Is it all mine or did some of it reproduce while it was in storage???”

Seriously – I spent just over a year with all my stuff stored away, just our clothes and toiletries brought to Mum’s  and I didn’t miss any of it. I didn’t miss all the knick knacky things I used to have on display in the appropriately named display case. I didn’t miss the excess amounts of crockery and Tupperware that used to fill my cupboards to overflowing. I didn’t even miss the pretty Angels and butterflies and Twilight collectibles that clogged up my office.

None of it!  

So while I have enjoyed, to some degree, opening up the boxes and saying hello to my long forgotten trinkets, 80% of it is going. Yep, massive eliminating is going on and it feels awesome. It’s going online for selling  or it’s going to charity!  But either way it’ll be gone gone gone!!   Because my mum, like many mothers – she kept stuff “in case you need it one day”.  She kept things in a glory box; new stuff still in boxes or packaging, all pretty and new….while she used the older stuff. Beautiful dinner sets for eight people still boxed and gorgeous while she used her old things. Pretty towels that were gifted to her twenty years ago that she stuck in a cupboard and now they had yellowed on the folds. She never threw stuff out, never used her new things, kept them for her three daughters to use one day…..but those three daughters were all married  (and divorced in my case) and had their own things.  You can’t take these things with you when you cross over to the other side of the veil. And there is nothing sadder than four grown adults having to sort through all of their mother’s things and seeing all this stuff that she kept “for the future”.  It was heartbreaking. 

So you know what I did?  As I moved into my new house, I unpacked my gorgeous “good” cutlery that I was saving for what I don’t really know. I unpacked my crystal glasses that used to sit in my buffet, all pretty and shiny and unused. I decided that I was not going to not use my good things because, damn it- I lived in Mum’s  house for a year after she passed, surrounded by all her old things while her new things sat in cupboards. And I wasn’t going to live that way. 

I wasn’t going to potentially put my son through the same thing.

So now, when I open my soft-close cutlery drawer, I see my super shiny brand new cutlery set and I smile. 

Four days after moving in, I got a bad cold. Huh!  You gotta laugh, don’t you?  I swear I got sick because it all came crashing down on me – the whole traumatic and stressful past fourteen months.  Ahh well. I might feel like a truck hit me but I’m happy. And I’m healing. 

And tonight, as I sit here in my new lounge with no television reception yet, (long complicated story) listening to the pouring rain outside, knowing my team won their game tonight making them five -zip for the season so far (undefeated, woohoo! Thanks Jules for the updates) – I know that life is beginning anew for me in lots of ways. New house, new furniture, new attitude and new freedom. Life has been tough for a long while but it’s on the up now and I’m grateful for it all.

Still gotta shake off this virus and continue with the massive elimination and sorting process which could very well take months (truly – I had wayyyy too much stuff) but it’s all good because I’m free, I’m in a new house and I’m itching to get back to my book. It’s gonna be sooooo good. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Meanwhile,  I’ve been away from Twitter because of all these shenanigans and I admit that I miss my online friends. ALL OF YOU. Thankyou to those lovely people who reached out to see if I was alive and ok ; it was lovely to think I might be missed. I am now getting over the worst of the cold so I will be back online properly soon. 

So, until next time, take care and I’ll be back. (Imitates Arnie badly)

Much love,
Zelly ❤️❤️❤️❤️

PS: anyone interested in Twilight memorabilia?  

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