My boyfriend’s back

Hey everyone!!🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

Yes, I’m alive! Some of you have been worried that I’d disappeared off the face of the earth and have been in touch on Twitter, Facebook, email or phone which is incredibly sweet of you. And I apologise for the long break between blog posts.

How is everyone?

I myself am okay. Been busy settling into my new home. Still unpacking boxes and eliminating stuff. I have soooooo much that I’ve listed for sale on various Facebook Buy, Swap and Sell sites….it’s actually ridiculous how much stuff I had…..why? Why did I have this much?

Take tonight for example….unpacked a box that contained my butchers knife block with my sixty million knives (seriously, why???) and three wooden chopping boards which makes it a total of six chopping boards when you add it to the three other plastic boards I already have. If they were all different sizes, that would be okay but they’re not……three wooden boards all the same damn size. Lol. That’s crazy! Why do we do this?

Anyone relate?

So the elimination process continues. You’d be proud of how ruthless I’ve been – If I don’t LOVE it, or don’t USE it regularly, OUT it goes!! That’s my mantra and I’ve lost track of the trips I’ve made to the charity store.

Feels good, I gotta say. And even better than that is the fun I’m having redecorating in a new simpler style. Love it when I find a bargain….anyone enjoy bragging about finding some special piece for some amazingly cheap price and telling one and all about it? Or is that just me?? 🙄🙄🙄

But, BEST of all….with the major work of moving house done, I’m back to editing and rewriting my book!! Which is the best feeling in the world – I’ve missed my characters – they’ve been extremely patient while they waited for me to settle in before they invaded my head again.

And so have you guys. So very patient and I’m very grateful for that. I’m thinking that as a reward for that patience that I should post a little snippet of the revised book – what do you think?

Would anybody like that?

Let me know and if enough people want it, then I’ll post something just to whet your appetite.

Drop me a line or note and let me know, will you?

Meanwhile, my main man is demanding my attention so back to writing and editing I go…….. He’s soooooooo demanding, teehee.

Bye for now and as always till next time…..

Much love,

Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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8 thoughts on “My boyfriend’s back

  1. Of course I want a little snippet Zelka 😊
    I’m so curious you know😉
    Thinking about you.


    1. Lol. Thankyou darling. ❤️


  2. Hey hun, so very happy that you’ve finally made it to this happy place!
    Yes of course I want something – anything – from your book! Yes pleeeeease!


    1. Thankyou my friend. 😘😘


  3. So happy to hear you are doing well honey! And of course we would like a little snippet of your book, any doubt about that?


    1. Thankyou darling !


  4. Love you more!! Thanks sweetie. Take care of yourself. 😘😘😘


  5. Of course we would love a snippet! or a chapter or heck the whole book! Love you!


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