Huge announcements coming SOON!

To quote the King… “You gave me a mountainimg_9074

Hey !!! How are you all?  Guess what?  Remember that huge mountain that I stood at the bottom of, in a previous post? (Link above).  Well I conquered that biatch and stuck my flag on it.


Thats right, folks! The rewrite of my original version is finally done and things are gonna move forward now!! Hallelujah!!  Different yet hopefully still as good.

I cant wait to start making all sorts of announcements !  And for you to meet my characters. So, as it all starts to happen, please do me a favour, guys? If you aren’t already following me through WordPress or Twitter or my Facebook page, then please do because those are the places I will be posting all the news as it happens. And most importantly, please share it with others too!

The only thing I can announce safely at this point is that it’s all on track to be released in time for Christmas!!


Much love as always,

Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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1 thought on “Huge announcements coming SOON!

  1. YAY, what fantastic news hun – well done & huge congrats! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀👏😀 ❤😘


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