Soooooo surreal…..

Hey guys,
Hope you’re all well and happy? I have been very very busy with all the stuff that needs doing as we head towards the release date of my debut novel Fractured. Hooray!!! Sooooo cool to be able to say that finally. 😎😎😎
I’m told by the publisher that it’ll be November ! Possibly even late October depending on how things progress. October?! 😳😳😳 Holy smokes, I can’t believe it’s finally happening. It’s truly amazing. 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈
This week I’ve seen the initial Interior Layout and I cannot express the surreal feeling I had when I saw my name with a copyright symbol next to it! Gahhhhhhh! 😜😜😜😍😍😍🙃🙂😊😝🤓😄 Like a dear friend said….it’s all mine, no one can take it away from me!! Woot woot!!!
As many of you know, I also finished up a oneshot fanfic that I was writing and popped it onto (Check it out if you haven’t already). That was a fun one to write.  Thanks for all the lovely reviews too! 😊😊
The book itself is now in the production stages, meaning that they are working on not just the interior layout but the cover, all the graphics etc. I have a few decisions to make because they don’t move onto the next step until I approve of it, which is really awesome. 
The last couple of days I’ve been writing up things like acknowledgements and fine tuning a SNEAK PEEK into Book Two!! Yes, my friends, there is a Book Two!! And there’ll be a third one and who knows……maybe even a fourth!! It’s a series….I gave it a title and all….just gotta wait to see that no one else has used that series title before but I think it’s a go….. Will get back to you on that one…..
The other thing that I’m doing is making decisions on promotional stuff. I had no clue that a promotion campaign can be so incredibly expensive! In fact there is a range of campaign packages that I could take through the publisher that run from one price right through to 300% more. Gotta admit that was startling to me.
The thing is, I’m just a single parent, an Aussie mama living with health issues that prevent me from working anymore so a simple average person, a regular Joe-Blo trying to make ends meet and now I really have a lot to consider when it comes to purchasing a promo campaign. However, I know that I can do lots of things through my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as this blog so I’m definitely gonna be sending out lots of info through those sites. 
The only thing that I ask is – will you guys have my back on this? Can you retweet, share, promote, recommend etc all my stuff out to your contacts and ask them to promote it even further with their contacts? I figure that kind of promotion is invaluable – referral and recommendations, word of mouth, etc being the best kind of advertising. In fact, you may even have ideas of promotion that I don’t even know about but I’m certainly all ears! I’m a newbie in all this as you know so any and all help is greatly appreciated.
If you can do that, if you can help me get the word out to the world, then my book has a chance and you’ll know that YOU have been a part of its possible success. I hope that you’ll consider doing these small things and I thank you regardless. 
So, another thing I thought I might share with you over the next few weeks is little pictures of things that helped inspire me when I was writing then rewriting this book. So you can get little visuals of what was in my head, what I was imagining……….. Hope you like them.
Drop me a line or two……..I love hearing from you! 😘😘
If you aren’t already following me, here’s my links:
(There’s a theme happening here, isn’t there?)
So, this is something that my lead female character wears at one stage….with her hair in an elegant chignon to boot….

As always,
Much love,
Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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2 thoughts on “Soooooo surreal…..

  1. Yep, I sure did.! I’ll share more pics of things that inspired me. I thought my version of Catherine would look great in that silver dress….. Lol. Darling Ruth, you are so incredibly generous. Thankyou so so much. Love you muchly. As for preordering,,,.i don’t know about that..the publisher said that is something that the Amazon site does. So I reckon I might have to ask Amazon themselves. The publisher will be listing it on Amazon worldwide but they don’t run the preordering thing…..who knew?? Not I ! Lol. The stuff I’m learning…… My little brain has been exploding. Lol

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  2. I am ALL IN to help with any campaign! Can your book be preordered? I love the inspiration pictures, did you create a whole file of things like that for all the characters and places you wrote about?


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