Pics of inspiration…..

Hey all,

Hope you are all well and happy? I myself had the best weekend just past…. You see, I had a birthday on Saturday and my favourite AFL (Australian Football League….Aussie rules footy) team won the premiership for the first time in 37 years!!  Was absolutely amazing!! So I had a few drinks and for a nondrinker like me, I wasn’t feeling very good the next day. Lol. In fact I was a complete turtle. 🐢🐢🐢  Here’s a few pics of my boys……..historic win.!! I was a very happy girl.

In other news, I have been busy doing stuff that has to be done for the book, such as acknowledgements and sneak peeks and learning about marketing. A few of you have already said that you will help with marketing this book and I am so appreciative of that, I can’t even begin to tell you how much! So much love and gratitude to you all. !!! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope that some more of you will help on the Great Get Zelly Jordan Marketed Quest!!! As I mentioned before, I’m open to ideas too, so hit me up. 😜🤓

As I also mentioned in my last blog, I’ll  share some pics of things that inspired me while I was writing and rewriting this story and since I showed you what my lead female character wears in one scene, I think I should show,you what my leading man wears in the same scene….


Looking sharp…….

That fourth pic….the bare chested one you can’t take your eyes off… the scene I mentioned,  he doesn’t get that naked but I thought it was very important that I show you what was under the sexy suit. Don’t you agree? 😬😊😌

Right…..gotta get on with stuff……see you soon…..

As always,

Much love,


Zelly ❤️

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1 thought on “Pics of inspiration…..

  1. Thanks for the pics hun – yes it was definitely very important to show what was underneath the gorgeous attire!
    Can’t wait for your book & will do whatever I can to help!
    Have my thinking cap on for ideas 😉😊

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