His space……


In the interest of public safety, I feel I should warn you, do NOT try the above. It’s purely for entertainment and bears NO resemblance to reality. Because let’s face it – as if my ass would fit in a glass. 😏😏.

And green is not my best colour.

Hey all, 🙋🏻

Hope everyone is well and happy?  I have just returned from the hairdresser and She Of The Magic Fingers has waged war on the grey hair that dared to infiltrate my head. With that accomplished easily and with much style, she then proceeded to put some back into mine,……style that is. Not grey hair.

Don’t you love the feeling when your head is looking all okay, even if the body isn’t? And who doesn’t love someone else washing their hair? Sooooooo good. If only she was taller, with muscles and manly hands, WAS in fact a man and looked a lot like a certain actor I can think of………Now THAT would be heaven! Alas, she is petite and pretty and not my type.

So, upon my return I check the status of the poll I was running and I wish to thank you all who voted!! I was getting concerned that of the three options, one of them wasn’t gonna get any love at all ! But it did!  Maybe it would have garnered more votes if I let the poll run longer? Should I do that next time?

This is how it turned out,…….image

So, here’s what I was imagining when I wrote about my Main Man’s space…..his LIVING space. If you’re wondering about his bedroom, well my darling peeps, that wasn’t on offer this time around. 😂😂 LOL. I know, I know, you’re probably disappointed but I’ll do another poll soon and you can all vote again.

Mind you, don’t dismiss his space….an awful lot of action happens there ……… Hubba Hubba.

The outside of his place looks like this………first pic is the front and on the second is how it looks from the back….

Pretty cool looking place for my Main Man, doncha think?

So……..sound off in the comments about what you’d like to see next!  I’ll run another poll and do it for longer and we shall see what happens!

Until next time, as always….

Much Love,

Zelly ❤️


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