The Hubba Hubba Room


Hi there everyone!

Well, the poll results are through and I am SOOOO gobsmacked that the winner of what you all want to see next is his bedroom! 😳😂 My, my – who knew ! Lol. Seriously though, I knew this would happen but I’m also really glad to see that the other choices got some love.



Before I reveal it though, I need to ask….do you want more polls ? Or would you rather I just threw them at you? Let me know in the commentary. I’ll go with whatever the majority decides.

Now, about his bedroom….it was a bit of a trick question because he actually has two bedrooms in his converted warehouse apartment…one that is all ready for use but my Main Man being the guy he is, decided that this room was too fussy for him and instead uses a second floor area.

So this is the “proper” bedroom……..



And this is HIS bedroom…………


Both very stylish I gotta say. Not that he cares about such stuff. In fact, he couldn’t care less…

Now, I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who retweets and shares my blog posts. It’s an enormous help in promoting my book and getting my name out there in the AUTHOR-WORLD and I so appreciate it all. Thank you and bless you. Please keep doing it if you can as we wind closer to the release date. And for those of you who are new followers, thank you for joining me on the exciting pathway to my first novel. I hope you’ll stick with me and get to know me as I look forward to getting to know you. If you are already in the literary world and can offer help and advice, I would so appreciate that too. 💞💕💖💝

Whilst it’s interesting to learn so much about marketing a book, I have definitely had moments over the last couple of weeks where I felt that my brains were leaking out of my ears I was stuffing so much info in there! But it’s gonna be okay – I only have to learn it once. With the next book, I’ll know more about how to do this. What’s that saying about you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I call BS on that because I’m learning new stuff all the time now. Besides I’m a cat…not a dog. I know that I am because I had a nap in the sun today, lol.

So…..sound off in the comments, lovely friends.

As always, much love


Zelly ❤️

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4 thoughts on “The Hubba Hubba Room

  1. Hi, definitly the second “HIS” bedroom. I can actually picture the two of them having a nice time in there.
    I´d prefer you throwing things at me.
    It´s so exiting all you are doing. Really hope it will be possible to get the book sent to Sweden.


    1. The pics are fun, aren’t they? I love HIS bedroom. Something quite masculine about it. And yes indeed you will be able to get it in Sweden!! It’ll be available worldwide. Thankyou so much for your support! 💋💋💋


  2. Yeah, my fave is HIS bedroom….very sexy. Okay, thanks for the feedback. Mwah


  3. Hi hun, both rooms are very stylish, masculine & a little bit sexy, so thumbs up on your choices, although I do like the 2nd one just that little bit more! Secondly, I don’t mind how you do it, but I think I prefer to just have things thrown at me, because I’m interested in all the choices anyway, so it’s always hard to pick 😉


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