Memories, hardships & better times


Hi guys,


Wow. This came up on my Facebook memories for today……



and I gotta say that it made me a little emotional. I was so excited that day and had no idea of the upcoming set backs and issues and personal trauma that was coming my way. ‘Twas a bitch of a year. However, I am very glad that I persisted, I got through those trials and tribulations with the help of certain family and friends and here I am finally, a year later, just weeks away from the release of my debut novel Fractured!! It’s been a hell of a ride and I’ve lost a lot but I’ve also gained so so much that I’m incredibly grateful for. I guess the time wasn’t quite right at that point and the Angels had other plans for me. I thought I should post it on here for those of you who don’t have Facebook – there are some!! Lol. I’m looking at you LeeLee. 😜😜

So, bitch year gone……. Better times – keep them coming!!

If you wanna join me on my path to publication, please come follow me – would love to have you along. ❤️❤️❤️

Much love,


Zelly ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Memories, hardships & better times

  1. Aww. Bless your darling heart. I don’t know if I have or can inspire anyone but if so, then I’m truly honoured. Love you, Ruth, one day I hope to give you a real hug. Xxxx


  2. Love you and so PROUD of your persistence and dedication to your dreams! You are an inspiration to all!


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