Drumroll please….


Here it is, folks….MASSIVE NEWS!

The news that I have been waiting for……so emotional and so exciting!

My debut novel, Fractured, Book One of The Unbreakable Series will be available online next week!!

You see, the publisher (Xlibris) gave me the news today that it will be live and available to order in 3-5 business days….so most likely Tuesday or Wednesday!!! Can you believe it?

A dream come true.

A promise to myself kept.

And the most extraordinary thing of all the extraordinary things happening lately is this…….. Two years ago, I sent out a tweet to my online friends to let them know of something I had done. In the time since then I have gone through many ups and downs, some terribly traumatic times in fact and I kept my sanity by having the most wonderful and caring friends around me who kept me going till I reached this point. And when I realised that the release date would almost be two years, I was amazed.





I sent out the news online that the dates were similar and now today – they tell me it’ll be 3-5 business days. That means the dates will be 14th or 15th November when it goes live. That’s means it’s EXACTLY two years! EXACTLY! Not close but exactly. Holy Cow!  Because when it’s the 15th for me here in Australia, it’s the 14th around the rest of the world!!! I was so so gobsmacked.

Destiny? Magic? A crazy coincidence?

I think it’s all of the above. The Angels stepped in and guided me here and somehow these dates are aligned perfectly. Praise the heavens above, how blessed am I ? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇

If ever there was something to make you believe in angels, magic, destiny and conquering your fears, this is it. I’m overwhelmed at how this has played out in my life. I’m humbled and grateful and filled with emotion.

So…..from next week, you will be able to purchase both paperback and ebook versions of my story. This will be on the publishers own website/bookstore and I will post the link here in my blog when it’s up and ready to go. It’ll be available worldwide and I ask you all to please leave reviews as this is so very vital to an author.

As I am doing all the marketing myself, I will humbly ask you all to please retweet, share, recommend and refer me to all of your friends and family – word of mouth still works the best but social sharing helps enormously too. I’m not a marketer so I’m needing your help in this area and I thank you from the bottom of my excited little heart for anything that you can do.

The book will be on Xlibris’s site first then it’ll go onto Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and thousands of other sites and this will happen roughly a couple weeks after the book’s launch. Apparently it’s standard procedure for them to have it on their own site first then the resellers site.

If you aren’t already signed up on my email list, please do so because from here on, there’s going to be lots of news and exciting events – I will have competitions and giveaways and fun things so you don’t want to miss out on them. Just click on the follow button here.

And the first fun thing happening is……. Tomorrow I will begin revealing the Fractured book cover…..by jigsaw puzzle! Everyday from now, I’ll reveal a little more until we get to Tuesday and then the whole picture will be revealed.! I am so very excited for you all to finally FINALLY meet my characters! Feels like I’ve waited forever. Lol

By the way, for those of you wondering what that last Pic of Inspiration is…….it was the living space of my Second Main Man. Stylish, hey? I’d be happy living there….

So, sign up for the email list so you get all the latest news. And refer me to your friends please ! And see you tomorrow with the first jigsaw puzzle reveal…….

Much love,




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5 thoughts on “Drumroll please….

  1. I’m so so excited for you hun this is such an incredible moment of achievement for you & the timing is soo amazing!!!
    I’m also incredibly excited to be finally able to get my hands on this too- it feels like I’ve been waiting forever!
    I’ll be getting as e-book so I can get started right away & I’ll also get the paperback as a keepsake & an ongoing reminder of our friendship in the years to come, when you’re a rich and famous author! 🙂 xo


  2. Hmm I like that living space..Congrats once again and YES..you are a Diamond. You have been thru the rough, tried and proven now it’s your time to shine!


  3. We shall organise an autograph somehow. We’re brainy. Lol. Mwah


  4. And of course auto correct cut the e off my ebook!


  5. I’m going to be one of your best customers Z! I’m buy two copies! An book so I can read it straight away on my Kindle (or when it comes out on Amazon) and a paperback so I can have my autographed copy, when we work out how the autographing is going to work! I’m ready to read Fractured by Zelly Jordan!


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