BCR part 3……



Hello party people ! 🙋🏻

Well, it was a party night for me as I was celebrating a close girlfriends 50th. I ate, I drank (one wine, too many cokes, lots of water) and I was merry. I hope that your Saturday night is fun for you too. Don’t drink and drive, though. Okay?

So it’s time for another reveal…….yay..👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Ready?


I can’t wait for the final reveal. I know I picked models that have a certain look to them, lol, but that’s why I picked them!!   You’ll see.

Till tomorrow,

much love,


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6 thoughts on “BCR part 3……

  1. Looking fabulous so far!


  2. Ohhh, I really love the starry sky!


    1. Tis pretty yes,? Hopefully you’ll like all of it.


  3. Wait….sweetrosie isn’t a Rosie? Mind blown. Lol. And yes, when the final reveal is done you’ll see exactly why I picked these models. Mwah 😘😘


  4. Michelle aka sweetrosie29 November 13, 2017 — 12:03 am

    Can’t wait to see the pictures


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