So…….what happened??




It arrived.

I grinned like a looney tunes, so widely, so crazily.

I clutched it to my chest.

I cried.

I stared in wonder at it for ages, touching it carefully.

I flicked through in amazement that this is mine – I did this.

I hugged it again and thanked my Angels for their guidance.

I cried some more.

I lay it on the bench reverently and marvelled over the pretty cover.

I did this.

I really did.


I’m blessed.





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6 thoughts on “So…….what happened??

  1. Where’s the photo of you with your book Z!?


    1. I’ll post mine as soon as you post your pic too. mwahahaha


  2. This is so fantastic! I’m truly happy for you! I know how long a road you’ve travelled & it’s so wonderful to see you finally get here! Enjoy your high Zelly, you’ve most definitely earned it!


    1. Thanks Hun. That’s so sweet. 😘😘😘


  3. Awe that’s so beautiful of you to say. Bless YOU. 😘😘 hugs and kisses to you.

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  4. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!
    OH…You finally discovered what we knew all along….that YOU are all those things and more…..and now the book is proof and YES…You did this……..stay blessed.


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