Life is good…

imageHello everyone, how are you? I hope life is treating you well.

My last few weeks have been a hodge-podge of emotion. Last Wednesday, the 7th, was the two year anniversary of my mother’s passing and many of you were already following me back then and might remember that time. Can you believe it’s been two years? It’s gone ridiculously fast in many ways and yet so slowly in others. I know many of you will relate to that.

Over these last couple weeks, I found myself mourning her death in an unexpected way – just as deeply as last year but different. Last year there was a lot of family drama happening at the time of her first anniversary so I was very distracted and stressed with the intense turmoil and I now realise I didn’t really mourn her properly. This year I found myself feeling the loss in a way I couldn’t at first understand and it took a little while to realise why – with the family drama over, the stress and tension had been eliminated and I was actually processing my emotions, mourning her finally. Last year, in the midst of it all, I was in pure survival mode.

So yeah…..not a pleasant time. Two days after that, I attended the funeral of one of mum’s oldest friends. Another very sad day that just reminds you of how fragile life can be, how you should treasure every moment and hug your loved ones hard. Overall, a couple of very sad weeks but that just reinforces for me how grateful I am for what I have and what I’ve endured. With my peaceful life now, I’m so much more appreciative of the smaller things in life. I’ve always been an easy person to please – just give me food, water, love, laughter and validation and I’m good. But now? Now I’m even simpler. That doesn’t sound quite right, haha….but you get my meaning.

Whilst all this was going on, I was also exploring, researching and generally getting so damned confused with the options available to me to build my own website. Oh, the frustration! The hair-pulling. The mind-fog!


There’s so much to know and compare and think about and honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to sort it all out in my mind without the help of two lovely friends who didn’t once laugh at my dunderhead. Issy and Serena – bless you for your patience and kindness. They truly helped me figure out what I want to do and I’m now ready to build this website. Don’t worry, Issy and Serena will hold my hand throughout the process so I don’t stuff things up. Well…not too much at least because between the three of us, there’s three different countries involved. Bless the Internet. As for time zones….well, as I always say, I’m in the future and y’all are just gonna have to keep up.

Ok? Ok. 😁😁

This new and wonderful, super-delicious website will be up and running very soon so don’t forget to sign up for the email subscription if you haven’t already done so.

In other news, I’ve got another interview coming up! Yes, indeed. It’s so crazy and fun to have been asked yet again. That’ll be ready very soon and I’ll post the link out. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy getting to know me even more.

Guys! I need your help with something.

If you could ask Kellan or Charlotte any question you wanted, what would it be? Sometime soon I’m going to have a little Q&A with Kellan and Charlotte and I need your questions – so have at it – what would you ask?

As always, much love,

Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

PS: Don’t forget to leave your review of Fractured on, and Goodreads if you haven’t already done so – please? Mucho kisses. 😘😘😘


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