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The lovely Augustine was kind enough to post her review of my book to her website for all her followers to see and so I wanted you all to see it too. There have been reviews listed on Amazon, Xlibris and Goodreads from people who aren’t known to me through social media in other ways, who are strangers –  but none of them put it on their own website – so that’s a pretty cool thing to do. Enjoy reading it – Augustine certainly has a way with words herself. I really appreciate her honesty too. She revealed to me that the reason she asked about macho alpha males in our interview was because of her view on the subject and how my book, Fractured, kind of challenged that view and she was keen to hear my views and explanation on the topic.

And so, it’s a very cool thing that our interview was based upon me and my book, specifically – it shows that each interview and review she does is specific to each author and book and THAT tells me she is a blogger with honest and genuine care for the work she does. Well worth following.



On the subject of following and social media….I will be starting the build of my website this coming week – God help me. Please send all your luck and best wishes for sanity!!  This new skill is one I never thought I’d have to learn so all prayers will help. Dont forget to sign up for email subscription if you haven’t done so already.

And please send more questions you’d like to interview Kellan and Charlotte with……

Much love,


Zelly :))))

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  1. Lovely praise by a worthy author! Thank you!


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