Enter to Win!!! 🎉⚡️🎉⚡️

Hey all, 🙋🏻
Hope you are all well and happy.
I’ve been thinking….
As I get closer to publishing THE SEQUEL to FRACTURED (Book One of the Unbreakable Series) that it’s time I did another giveaway/competition/thingamabob. It’s been a while since I ran one and I’ve been pondering how to do it now that I have my own website. But I’ve come up with something that works, I think.
Oh and THE SEQUEL is not the name of Book Two. Even though that’s an awesome title, don’t you think? lol. Nooooooo, the title will be released in due time.

So….. You gotta be in it to win it! 

Here’s all the details:
Starting from 25th May to the 25th June, every person that signs up for email subscription to zellyjordan.com receives one entry into the draw to win an autographed copy of Fractured. Cool, right? (Go to the black FOLLOW button, down below)
But what about those already signed up ?
For those smart cookies, they will go into a separate draw for a signed copy – coz why should they miss out?
Extra entries into the giveaway will be awarded for every person that also writes a review and posts it on Amazon.com, Goodreads or my publisher Xlibris.com – because those already signed up need something to do AND the newbies can catch up with the smart cookies.🍪🍪🍪
But what about those that are already signed up and have written a review? 
For those who’ve already written reviews and are a subscriber, you get an automatic extra entry. Because you were the smartest of the smart cookies. 🍪🍪🍪
There – that should cover everybody. Everyone has the chance to have two entries into the draw/s.


* Open to all ages above 18 : coz, if you’re below that then you can’t be reading my                 stuff.

* Open to everyone worldwide.  (Yikes, the postage bill is gonna be huge  ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜³ – you guys     have no idea how expensive postage from Australia is. It’s because we’re Down Under       and in a Future Time Zone.)

* Reviewing – as long as it’s your honest opinion, anything goes….just don’t swear at me!       Haha…..I think you’d get in trouble anyway so be warned. One ticket per review.


I have roped in a friend to help monitor this giveaway because that way I can concentrate on writing and editing THE SEQUEL. (Seriously liking that title more and more.) 😊
Anyway, good luck! Oh and don’t be shy about sharing this with all your contacts!

Finally,  because it’s a red balloon day….. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
Much love,
Zelly 💜💞💜

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3 thoughts on “Enter to Win!!! 🎉⚡️🎉⚡️

  1. It is always funny and entertainign to read your posts. As I already have subscribed and let a review on AmazonDe, I am in, I guess 🙂 … Have a wonderful day Zelly!


    1. You are indeed, my dear Issy! I’m so glad you enjoy my blogs. And never forget, any suggestions you have about anything are always welcome. 😘😘


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