What’s that Beatles song called…..?

Hey all,

You know the one….starts like this…..”when I was younger, so much younger than today” ? Anyone know??

If you guessed “Help” then you guessed right. 🌟🌟🌟 Gold stars for you.

I have that song on my mind because I realised recently that there is no way I can get everything I want and need to get done, by myself……I just don’t have enough time to fit it all in. More than that – I don’t have the skill or the knowledge for most of it. So, when you don’t know stuff, what do you do? You get help….hence the song got into my head and stayed there.

Mind you, I was never a big fan of the original but then a very famous Aussie singer named John Farnham switched up the arrangement, recorded it and it became a hugggeeeee hit here way back in 1980….yep…..1980!! Nearly 40 years ago. (Now I feel old, sheesh. 😳😳) Still love his version of it as much now as I did back then. If you’ve never heard of him or his version, give yourself a treat and listen to this….https://youtu.be/DgmNi-0atb4

At that time, apparently one of the Beatles….can’t remember now if it was John Lennon or Paul McCartney…..but they contacted John and congratulated him on his version, saying that this is how the song was meant to have been sung but that the band was kind of forced into making a pop version. Anyway…take a listen and enjoy.  

Speaking of John Farnham…..just a few days ago, Celine Dion was performing here in Melbourne and she absolutely loves him. She’d told an Aussie journalist during an interview a few months ago that she loves him and one of his songs in particular. Lisa, the journalist, joked that John should come and sing the song with her and Celine was all giddy over that idea and invited him to please come to her show when she tours here. Months later, here she is, touring the country and in every city she would sing this favourite song of hers and then finally a few days ago, at her concert in Melbourne, John appeared on stage and sang the song with her. She was thrilled and claimed it to be a dream come true for her. And for us, a thrill. A magical moment, indeed………Check it out…   https://youtu.be/6bu-Ff9Ka6w

However, I hugely digress from the subject matter of this post…… Which isn’t uncommon for me, I’ll be honest 😂. 

Help….I need help with stuff; with things that I’m just not that great at. Words, memes etc – those I can do but pictures etc…nope. I’m behind in releasing Unveiled, book #2 of the Unbreakable Series (I thank each and every one of you for your patience) and that’s due to many factors. So to fix this problem, I’ve realised that I need to “outsource” these things and hopefully by people stepping in to help, I can then concentrate on getting the book ready for release. These are the things I need help with:

I need as many posters/ads for Fractured, (Book #1 of the Unbreakable Series) as I can get made that I can then use for advertising on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc. I know my babe Kelly can do them as easily as sneezing 😫😖 but I feel guilty asking her directly yet again because I know how kind and sweet she is and there’s no way she’ll say no even if she’s flat out busy with other stuff in her life. She’s just awesome and generous that way. So I’m putting it out there and asking anyone and everyone who’d like to make them and hopefully some of you will be up for that – including Kelly. I only ask that you email or DM them to me first and to put your name on it so everyone can see your work. And the book title and my author name, of course. You can use my book cover, quotes from the book etc but no actors or stuff like that. Be as inventive and creative as you like. And Kelly, you can make some too but I’ll feel less guilty if I don’t ask only you this time…..(next time might be a different matter though, lol). 

That’s one of the things that takes up way too much time for me because I’m not good at it and it takes me forever so if you guys wanna have at it, go for it. Please? I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Another thing I need help with that I can’t do is recommendations on Goodreads – meaning you aren’t allowed to recommend your own book. If you’re on Goodreads and you can recommend my book to any of your friends there to read, I would really appreciate it. Really really.  That also applies to other sites, if you’re on them. Places like Pinterest…..I’m not on that site but for those of you that are, maybe you can help out there?  I keep wondering lately whether I should join that site too.  But how many sites can one person be on without having their head explode? And book clubs……and wherever else you can think of. 

Pimp me out peeps – I can take it.

Something else that I’m completely useless at is making video clips…I’d like to put out a clip advertising Fractured and its upcoming sequel but I don’t know how to make them. My son did the last one for me but it needs updating so until he finds the time to do that (Mum, I’m busy right now) I have no clips….anyone want to make one? 

I know for a fact that many of my online friends are superdelicious talented little angels but I bet there’s a bunch of you out there that have undiscovered creative ability and mad skills. I’m looking forward to showing those off for you. 

So…..who’s in? 

In other news, new prescription sunglasses and vision glasses this last week – because my eyesight is aging, just like the rest of me. Next month on my birthday, there will be a 4 and a 5 in the number…..I’ll leave it to you to guess in which order they go. 😊😊🤓🤓🤓
As always, much love
Zelly 💜💞❤️💜💞❤️


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4 thoughts on “What’s that Beatles song called…..?

  1. Ugh..where was I when God tossed talents on earth.
    I’ll try ask friends though. Don’t worry. Helps on their way. ❤


    1. Lol. You have talents, Miss Joyous,,,,they’re just hidden, that’s all. And thanks for the help. Mwah 😍


  2. I loved John’s version of Help so so much – way better than the original! I didn’t know that about someone from The Beetles saying that about it – how awesome!
    I’ll check out John & Celine’s duet soon, but have to rush around for now. I’ve mo doubt it will be amazing!
    I’ll try to have a go at a pic for you, but I’m sure there will be others, like Kelly & the many talented Beasties out there, having a go at it, so I don’t think it will take long for you to get the perfect one regardless! Good luck hun!
    Im looking forward to reading book2. Give us some warning when it’s about to be released, so I can reread book1 first – I want it to be fresh in my mind when I read the follow up 😉🤗


    1. Yeah, it’s pretty cool about the Beatles contacting John. Love his version muchly too.

      You’ll make one?! Awesome!! Thanks!! I need more than just one. I need lots of them! So I can circulate them. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks Hun.

      And of course you’ll get a heads up as it gets closer to release. With bells on, believe me. Lol


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