🎉🍾🎉🍾🎉🍾 Who’s still recovering?

Hello and welcome everyone to 2019! 
I hope this year brings you many blessings and dreams fulfilled, that it kicks butt for you and sparkles and shines with the magic of a thousand unicorns. 
Personally I’m pretty happy the new year has rolled around finally. ’18 was a weird year for me and I’m glad to see the tail end of it. The festive season is over and time to get back to normality and especially getting back to knowing what day of the week it is. It’s so confusing time between Christmas and New Year, isn’t it? I like to operate on some sort of routine because that keeps me sane but that week in between just completely befuddles me. Anyone else like that or is it just me? 
Oh and do you know how I know the season is over? Because the Christmas tree came down today. Once that happens, it’s officially over for me. It’s the 6th here and my mama always said that the tree had to be down by the 6th January. When I asked why, she said the tree had to be down by then because that’s when the catholic Christmas season is over and the orthodox Christmas starts. 
Right, Mum.😏
How you tell which trees are catholic and which are orthodox is beyond me. LOL. 😆😏🙄. Nevertheless, I took it down today because knowing my mother, she’d haunt me in my dreams and tell me off for not getting it done. I’m not even really joking about that….she’s visited before. 😳 Rip, Ma. 
So…..the tree is down, the floor vac’d and mopped…..darn tinsel gets everywhere, doesn’t it? And with the house all shiny clean, I could then finally sit and write to you with updates. 
Unveiled is coming along well and will be out soon. I can’t wait for you to meet one of the new characters that makes their first appearance in book two….hopefully you’ll like…..him……. yes, it’s a him. Anyone wanna take a guess who it might be? I had fun fleshing out his personality, to be honest and I can see more coming from this dude in the future. Of course, I can’t tell you too much about him or anything else in the book just yet but I can tell you that things ramp up for not only Kellan and Charlotte but some of my secondary characters make their presence known too…..
Coming up in the next few weeks, look out for some fun little tidbits that I’m going to release, bit by bit. And can I say, if you aren’t already following my blog, please sign up for email notifications (there’s a free gift for doing so, yanno) and that way, you won’t miss out on any of the news as it happens. Plus if you’ve recently discovered me, then pimp me out, people……share my blog, website, book links with everyone you know. And above all, please leave a review on whichever site you purchased my book….. 

Meanwhile, I’ve got some editing to get back to…. Bye for now, talk soon.
Much love, as always
Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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