A “Grimm” Story 

Hey there everyone 🙋🏻
Hope you are all well and good?
Let me tell you a little story……
Once upon a time there was a woman who “fell” into writing serendipitously and somehow got her first book published without really knowing a single thing about publishing or marketing. And once the publisher had it out in the Big Wide World, her book sold really really well and she spent loads of time and money advertising constantly and trying to learn everything she could about the industry. There was no one to teach her, you see and so she forged her own path, sometimes making costly mistakes and sometimes not. 
Alas, she became so busy with all the Stuff & Info, that she was totally overwhelmed, her head spinning dizzily and before she knew it, months had gone by and she hadn’t worked on the sequel as she’d planned to. Marketing and learning was draining so much of her time that she despaired her creativity was being squashed under the burdensome Stuff & Info. She became so annoyed at how much she needed to do that she turned into a Grumpy Pants Ogre for a long time. Her son, the handsome prince RJ was wary of her and tiptoed around her on many occasions. She ranted and railed that this wasn’t going the way she thought it would, that it was taking so much longer than she’d planned. She wailed and worried over and over. 
You see, this woman has many physical and mental challenges that she had to deal with on a daily basis but she’s very adept at hiding the strain from all around her. Most people, should you ask them, will tell you she’s funny and happy-go-lucky and strong and while that’s true sometimes, it’s not true the rest of the time. Like many people she hides it under a positive sunny demeanour. Because, at the end of the day, most people don’t really want to know about others daily struggles because, hey’ they have enough of their own. Right?   
Henceforth, she pulled on her Big Girl Pants and persevered and soon she found better ways to get things moving along. Soon the Writing Fairies came back into her life and sprinkled the Seeds of Creativity again and away she went. She was very lucky and grateful that the kind fairies also sent her special people to help with Stuff along the way and that appeased her greatly.
Only to be stopped by the dreaded and horrific Dragons of Self Doubt!! My oh my, those dragons came after her with the most wicked of fears – the soul destroying “what if I can’t do it again” fear. And the “what if I let people down with this one” fear. And the most fearsome of all: “how am I going to publish and format and do everything myself this time, rather than the publishing house” fear. 
Ohhh, that, my friends, is the most evil of fears.  
For quite a while she had no strength or knowledge of how she could fight these doubts and she feared the Dragon would swallow her up. But, through the love and faith of those around her, the good and kind people of her Little World – they gave her the courage and the will to pick up a mighty sword and aim its shiny silver point at the neck of the ugly Dragon. Be warned, she told him bravely……..you will not conquer me.
A fierce battle ensued and she slayed those doubts, cutting them down into tiny pieces, so small as to be almost invisible. All but one…the “how am I gonna format” fear. That is yet to be vanquished. But fear not…….he is a weasily, snivelling little gremlin backed into a corner, trapped and held at bay with the sharp and glinting point of her sword. 
He will be gone.
So now, that woman, she is flying through the rewriting of her second book with the handsome prince, her son RJ, waving and cheering enthusiastically from the sidelines. He is one of quite a few but he is the most vocal. For he knows all too well how she battles every day. He knows she’s slayed the self doubt Dragons but is still waging war on the Dragons of Personal Pain. 
And like the good son that he is, he keeps her safe to battle another day. He really is a Prince.
End of story.
If you haven’t figured out that that woman is me, then…… Lol…..You’ll need to go back and read from the beginning.
It’s amazing how self doubt can cripple you. I know many people go through this too so I’m grateful I’m not the only one. 
With that said, I’m getting excited that the release of Unveiled is not too far off! ❤️
I’m also excited to introduce you to a new Pic of Inspiration. 


 This guy was the perfect embodiment of what I envision when I think of………. ? Who? 

Can you guess who it is? What do you think?  
(Sound off in the comments)
There’s others I’ll be introducing you to as we get closer to the release….can’t wait for you to meet them.❤️
Also, please don’t forget to pimp me out….all recommendations online, word of mouth etc, links…..all of it helps. And if you haven’t already signed up for email notifications on my website, then get crackin’! There’s a FREE first chapter of Fractured when you do…..so spread the word! 
Can’t wait to read your comments….. The first person to guess correctly gets five stars…everyone else….just one. But it’ll still be super shiny and pretty, I promise.
As always, much love 
Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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5 thoughts on “A “Grimm” Story 

  1. So proud of you and your hard work!!


    1. Thank you. I can’t begin to describe how much words like those mean to me. They really encourage me.

      Did you guess who this guy is?


  2. Beautiful. And of course I know already it’s about you at the start of the story. I kinda know you that well, Zelly dear. 😉😉
    And who’s that sinfully gorgeous guy would be?! I can’t think. My brain is tired. Ha ha..
    Patiently waiting for the Fractured’s sequel. You have my support, and prayers always.


  3. I got your book and read it in 2 days. You did a great job writing it and I’m excited to read your next one soon. 😊


    1. Hi Jodi,

      Thankyou so much for your kind words… And doesn’t matter if you commented about Fractured in the Grimm story post…it’s all good! Did you guess who the guy is?

      Oh, and is there any chance you might be able to leave a review on whichever site you bought the book from? I’d sure appreciate it. Doesn’t have to be good or long or fancy….it’s the number that counts….the more reviews, the more exposure. And if you can, please do let me know which site so I can go read it!

      Thank you so so much for your support, Hun. 😘😘😘


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