Puzzle Me Three

Hey everyone,

So here is the third little peek into my book cover for Unveiled. Now, you might be thinking that this one hasn’t revealed much more in terms of colours and visions……. But there is something quite important revealed in its murky darkness……..

I purposely made it a little tricky  – just because I can and because I do like to tease, as I’ve recently been accused of….haha. 

See you tomorrow!
Zelly 💜💖💜

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3 thoughts on “Puzzle Me Three

  1. I see the glowing eyes like that was on the cover of the first book 🙂 And there seems to be a light coming out on the one. side.


  2. Still can’t make much sense of anything in it except for the exciting look at the beast eyes – yay! Can’t wait for more!🥰


  3. Don’t know exactly how this puzzle thing works but those glowing eyes caught my attention at once.😉


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