I’m thrilled and humbled…

Hey all,

The first official Book Blogger Review for Unveiled has come through and I’m truly humbled by their words. 

I had the pleasure of dealing with Becky from Momma Says To Read when I launched Fractured. She was one of the very first to respond to my review request and I’ve always been grateful to her for that. So with the launch of Unveiled, I got in contact and once again, she has kindly taken the time to review.

 The thing with reviews is that on some sites, such as Amazon, it’s about the number of reviews that count and not their content. And on other sites, it’s exactly the opposite.

As authors, we are just grateful overall to get a review of any kind as it hopefully conveys constructive criticism and feedback, even though we sweat over whether people will like it or understand it. Feedback is important as is exposure….it’s not much good writing a book if no one reads it or knows about it, hey?  That’s why authors are always asking for reviews and shares and retweets, etc – it all helps.

With that said, to have someone take the time and effort to write a review is pretty damn great but when they humble you with kind words, it’s awesome!!! I’m chuffed with Becky’s words…every single one of them. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of reading her reviews….do yourself a favour and check out her blog……it’s pretty darn cool.


Talk to you soon with more news as it happens……

Much love as always,
Zelly 💜💖💜

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2 thoughts on “I’m thrilled and humbled…

  1. Fantastic review hun – so happy for you! I’ve no doubt it is very much deserved & I can’t wait to read Unveiled for myself!


    1. I can’t wait for your review, either….


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