Who Won?

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all well and happy?

I’m excited to announce the winner of my merchandise giveaway today. I had to wait until my son was available to record the proceedings because I can’t film and do all the other things like tumble the entrants etc….I’d need three hands for that and I unfortunately only have two. Lol

However, I do have a head on my shoulders despite the fact that this same son of mine filmed me without one….AT ALL. I made sure my hair was neat and everything and the grumpy impatient boy didn’t once catch the glory of my non-messy tresses. Aaahhh well.

So…..we have a winner! Watch the video below and see if you’re the lucky one and if so, contact me….I need your details!

Until next time, my lovelies.

Much love,

Zelly 💗💕💗

PS: I am in desperate need of someone who is fluent in both English and (American/Latin) Spanish. If you know someone who reads and comprehends both and they can help me urgently, please get in touch ASAP. 🙏🏼

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