Where’s the rewind button?

Hello one and all,

I hope today finds you healthy and safe?

Can you believe it’s been three months since my last blog? Never, ever did I plan on going so long between blog posts but the world spun out of my control and I’m only just tilting it back into place. 🌏

That last post, if you remember, was about the bushfires that devastated much of my beloved country throughout December and January. Three months only since then and yet it feels like three years. The fires were an intense and frightening situation to find ourselves in but it was just a prelude to what was coming up.

There have been several times since my last blog that I’ve begun writing only to put it aside to deal with some important thing happening in my life. Once that was settled, I’d start writing again, with new and added stuff, only to be forced to shove it aside once more to deal with some other drama. This went on several more times and it was enough to do my head in, the end result being several half-written blogs on a mish-mash of topics. I just couldn’t get one finished – far too many distractions.

You see, while my beautiful country burned in January, we had our house up for sale – unwillingly. We didn’t want to move because we loved that house – but unless the buyer was another investor, we wouldn’t have a choice and that was exactly what happened.


So that meant, suddenly, we had two months in which to find a new home and pack up an entire house. I’ll admit without any shame that it sent me into a tailspin of stress and worry before I managed to straighten myself up and take a deep breath. If any of you have ever moved house, you know already how much work is involved in that alone. However, I have physical limitations and can’t do a lot on my own so the task seemed overwhelming. With my son at work for long hours, i has to do it alone and it was a difficult, slow and painful project which could only be started once we’d actually found a new home

No point starting the packing until we know where we’re going, right?

But to find a suitable house fitting my specific needs, settle it and move in within a short timeframe all while the country was sinking further and further into a health crisis no one alive had ever seen? That frightening prospect loomed over my head like an anvil hovering from a cliff in a Roadrunner cartoon, ready to smash itself on my unsuspecting head. How the hell were we gonna pull this off?

Logic told me this wasn’t possible. Heck, just getting a 30 day settlement would be an achievement.

However…….The angels had my back. 😇

The hunt began mid February and I kid you not, just two and a bit weeks later, we’d not only found the house but scored a 30 day settlement – two and a bit weeks!

Hallelujah and praise the Lord 🙌🏼.

All the Angels in heaven and my very own Earth Angel congregated together to pull off this miracle, just for me and my boy. I swear they did. I was meant to live here, I felt, despite the move requiring a leap of faith – a newly built house in a new estate, clear across the other side of Melbourne, in an area we didn’t know. And do you know why I’m convinced that I was meant to move here to this specific house?

A couple of reasons.

Firstly – because everything went smoothly, efficiently and quickly, as if the Angels had swept open the doors of this challenging situation I was in and said…..”There, there, don’t stress. Leave it to Us. We’ll sort it out for you in a snap, just have faith and walk through.”

I do believe that many times in life when things are meant to be, they happen easily and effortlessly. Not always, mind you, because sometimes you need to struggle in life in order to learn something, a lesson of some kind. But other times, when you’re finally moving in the direction you’re meant to be moving in life, then it all just falls into place like a well-matched jigsaw puzzle.

Another reason I know I’m meant to be here is that this house is a number 11, a Master number in Numerology and in Angelic circles, it’s a number that indicates these heavenly beings are trying to communicate with you. (If you see number 11 around you repeatedly, it’s a sign they are trying to get your attention) It’s a powerful number representing inspiration and enlightenment; that tells you to connect with your higher self, get to know your soul mission, and live your life’s purpose. It’s also a call to be an inspiration and bring light to others.

Pretty cool, right?

Something just felt so right about this house, and this number.

Still, as much as we were blessed, the transition wasn’t without some hiccups.

No, Sirreee. I do NOT recommend moving house in the middle of a pandemic. I swear to you – of all the things I thought I’d live through, never would I have thought it would be a pandemic.

So, now that we had found our new house, we could begin the packing process and as we turned our house upside down, Australia lost its collective mind over toilet paper. 😳😳😳 Yep, people decided that if a respiratory virus was gonna sweep the country, then the first thing they needed was dozens and dozens of loo paper. Seriously???? Holy crap [pun intended] it’s a lung thing, not diarrhoea!! I couldn’t believe the hoarding going on and mistakenly thought it was just the Aussies that had “lost the plot”. My son and I were doing the exact opposite – trying to run down all our fridge and pantry items so we didn’t have excess food to transport on moving day. All those big beautiful generous Aussies who had donated soooo much to the bushfire victims were now scrapping it out in the grocery store aisles over toilet paper like overzealous boxing kangaroos. I found out the USA was having the same problem. Phew – it wasn’t just us, I was relieved to think.

But then……………

Daily, more and more news was coming in about the spread of this disease across Europe and Lord have mercy, the world changed forever. 💔

And we happened to move house on the 28th March, the very weekend that Australia was at its peak in terms of Covid19 cases. Of course we didn’t know this stat at the time but the country was already in lockdown and very tight restrictions were in place. Social distancing and following the safety measures while dealing with furniture and boxes was extremely challenging to say the least. And once the removalists were gone, it was just Ricky left to do all the heavy lifting because I can’t.

My son is a God-send and definitely one of my Earth Angels.

Another hiccup – for the first 8 days or so in this shiny new house, we had no internet, no tv and no washing machine. None of them. Oh joy! 🙄 My mobile phone has limited data and I went through in two days what I wouldn’t go through in a month! I swear my phone was snorting data so fast, it was on a virtual bender. So nothing to do or watch after a hard day’s unpacking. And we were in isolation to boot.

Oh, the adventures I had. 🤪

Going to bed at 7.30/8pm (!!!!) because there was nothing else to do and waking up at 2am, thinking it was morning. (Couldn’t even read because we hadn’t gotten to the boxes of books yet).

Hunting down a missing washing machine hose that turned up in the most unlikely of places. Having to find the nearest hardware store so we could buy a bigger wrench coz ours was too small for the tap fixture to connect the stupid no-longer-missing hose.

Driving into my nearest Maccas (that’s McDonalds for all you non-Aussies) just to use their free wifi. Of course, by now all the restaurants and cafes had shut their dining areas and you could only get takeaway or drive-thru food. Then in the car park, sitting all alone in your car, munching your fries and getting all your email and grocery shopping done online only to discover that Maccas will time you out of the free wifi after an hour and you really should have done the grocery order first.

Driving to the next Maccas to try to redo the entire bloody grocery order that you lost at the previous car park and discovering that this particular McDonalds only has the free wifi inside the dining area but we can’t use that because all dining areas and restaurants are shut.


Driving back home in a huff but only after grabbing a Maccas coffee because honestly, they have the best takeaway cappuccino.

Having a strange electrical noise that only happens at night and drones on for ages, driving you batty because you can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

Staring for ages at unadorned eggshell-white walls in the evening, deciding which pictures or frames should go there and changing your mind a dozen times because hell, there’s nothing else to do. Is it 8pm yet? May as well go to bed……..

Lockdown in an unfamiliar town, where you know nobody and don’t know where anything is and there’s no internet or tv connected yet…….not fun. I’ll not forget those first eight days in a hurry, that’s for sure. But we survived and we laugh about it now.

And truthfully I’m very very grateful that my country is and has been so strict in the lockdown rules. We got onto it early. Even though we’ve now been in this house almost four weeks and I haven’t seen a single soul out on the streets, haven’t seen hide or hair of any of my new neighbours because we’re all in isolation, it’s a tiny price to pay for the results we’ve achieved. When I see the horrific numbers of cases and deaths being reported around the world, it breaks my heart that they are so high. Our numbers are very low – Australia IS flattening the curve. The experts have said it and that makes it official and I’m so so proud of us all.

All in all, as much as I consider myself blessed in so many ways – to live in this beautiful land; to have the angels always guiding me to my greatest good and purpose; to have the whole stressful moving house saga turn out okay; to be safe and healthy – I would still press the rewind button in a heartbeat if it meant we could go pack to 2019 and start this year all over again.

It’s been a year all of us will no doubt ever forget, challenging us in ways that we never imagined in our wildest dreams. And it’s not over yet. If only we could learn the lessons of these last few months without suffering such a horrendous loss of life around the world.

I pray that all of this brings each of us a renewed love and appreciation of our planet, our people, our society and our humanity. That from this debilitating darkness comes fresh hope and gratitude with an everlasting care and consideration of our fellow man.

Please be healthy, stay safe and follow the rules – it WILL help.

Sending you all cyber hugs and kisses

Much love, as always.

Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

PS…….drop me a line about your Quarantine Adventures….

PPS…..I’ll fill you in on book news in the next blog.

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