Reboots & Kickstarts

2021… had one job. Just one! And that was to be better than 2020.

However, so far, you’ve been a miserable failure.

What with the disastrous and dangerous situation over in the USA, the overseas tennis players flooding Melbourne for the Australian Open with their COVID virus risks and whining about quarantine (just be grateful we let you in!😤😤😤) and a personal tragedy that happened to friends of mine that shook the whole state and devastated us all, this year is only 20 days old and already I wanna rewind as fast as possible. Nothing like a shocking, tragic event to knock the stuffing out of a person, let me tell you. I had planned to blog in the first week of January but those things plus another horrible health situation that’s cropped up for a family member and my stress levels went through the roof !

I was deeply rattled, I must admit.

Still, awful things aside…..I nevertheless have hope that 2021 can redeem itself. After all, there’s eleven months and 11 days left in the year so it has plenty of time to get better, right? I refuse to tempt fate and say “what else can go wrong”.

Not even gonna think it.

On the bright side, all those events made me remember that there are a tonne of things I want to achieve this year and if I want them to happen, not only do I need to stay focused and positive but I need to take the bull by the horns and make them happen. Because goddamn it, life has surely shown us over the past 12 months exactly how fragile it can be so live strong, live free and get on with it, right?


This year, I have several releases planned as well as fun competitions and giveaways. I’m also going to be setting up a couple of new things on my website, so do keep an eye out for it.

Covid has forced many of us to do things differently to how we’ve always done them before and I’m no different. It’s also made many open up to new ways, new ideas and adjusted our viewpoints on any number of things. However, it’s also screwed us over in lots of ways. Who hasn’t seen any of these cake toppers over the last twelve months?

Weddings, milestone birthdays and other major events, all rescheduled and shuffled around like a pack of Uno cards. Grrrrrr. 😣😣 One unexpected aspect of covid for me personally was how it messed up my creativity so badly that I almost didn’t recognise my own words. Truly! When I look at what I worked on throughout last year, I am amazed and not in a good way. So, I foresee many, many revisions and edits in my immediate future.


Ahhhhhh well. C’est la vie.

Those who have known me for awhile will know how particular and pedantic I am about getting my words and my stories exactly right. So much so that I stress out over abbreviations and texting acronyms. (Yes, I do. Don’t laugh.) You’ll never see a tweet of mine without basic punctuation. It actually hurts my writer’s soul when I have to shorten and cut through grammar rules just to make things fit. Oh, the literary offence of it all. 😫 But, hopefully the wait will be worth it; hopefully you’ll love what I release.

Meanwhile, I think, to kick off this New Year ……..(let’s just pretend that the new year starts now, on 20th January 2021, okay? And if you think, there’s any symbolism in that date, well, you’re right. I didn’t plan on that date, it’s just how it worked out but I think it’s absolutely perfect now). …….to kick it off, I’ll start with a Giveaway, I reckon. Just gotta fine tune some details and I’ll announce it all on the next blog post so don’t forget to watch out for that one.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts and ideas on some of the things you’d like to see from me this year. Don’t be shy. I’ll look at every suggestion, I promise. For example – what kind of prizes would you like? What about more author interviews? Or what about character interviews? Get your thinking caps on, my friends and drop me a line or two.

For now as always,

Much love,

Zelly ⭕️❌⭕️

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