Hip Hip Hooray, Let’s Give It Away!

Hey Everyone,

By the time you read this, it’s either my birthday or it’s the day after. 🥰🥰 And as I mentioned in my last post, Lockdown #6 here means I can’t go anywhere to celebrate so I’m gonna party by giving stuff away. Why not, right?

How old am I turning?

Not telling but suffice to say that I could have held my second 21st birthday bash but not my third…… 😂😂

So, I’ve had a little think of what I’d like to do and this is how it’s gonna be…….

Easy Peasy rules, so get entering for your chance to win one of these great prizes.

For now, I’m gonna get one last piece of birthday cake…… I can’t let it sit much longer in the fridge now can I? Poor thing might start to dry out in a few days…😂

Talk soon, my dear readers.

As always, much love,

Zelly 🎉🎂🌹🎈

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1 thought on “Hip Hip Hooray, Let’s Give It Away!

  1. Loving the Books Zelly;) it’s been so long but now it’s here it’s here!!!


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