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Hey there!

How are you all? It feels like ages since I last blogged and that is so totally my fault. Real life has been keeping me on my toes with various things so my apologies, dear friends. So let’s catch up. 😊

One of the things keeping me busy is my new vincat one shot fanfiction. Yes, there’s a new one coming very soon. I thought it was time to pop in and see how their life is shaping up as I know we all miss them. The thing about my one shots is that they aren’t really short so they always take a bit of time. I guess that’s the voyeur in me – I wanna know everything, lol.

I was asked to do a written interview by a book blogger, too. Which was great because I could write my answers and not worry about camera angles and make up and the glare from my glasses. Stress free interview! Hooray! I was so nervous during my recorded one that I was sweating bullets, so not having to film this one was easy peasy.

That’ll be coming up shortly and I’ll post the links when they are available. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as they had some interesting questions.😬

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to do certain things on my blog (some fun additions and things any good blog should have) and I’ve reached the conclusion that technology is cruelly laughing at my ineptness. That snickering cow is amused and gleeful of my every failed attempt and doesn’t even try to hide it. I’ve therefore decided that I really need a website – something that includes my blog as well as the fun things that I want my site to do. (In turn, strangling that laughing technology cow into shutting up).

So, once again, this cat needs to learn some new tricks. Such as how to get a domain name, for starters. Oy vey….you should have seen all the info that popped up when I googled that very question. A minefield! Pages and pages and pages of stuff.


Anyway, because I am going to be setting up the website, during the transition from my WordPress blog to the new blog, I don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks, so I’m asking you all to please make sure you are signed up for blog updates by registering your email. I’m told that it shouldn’t be an issue but I don’t trust it – what if some followers were lost in the transfer?? Oh the horror! So, for my peace of mind, register your email if you haven’t already done so.

I learnt recently that on places such as Amazon there is something called algorithms. I’m sure other things have it too but I can’t deal with those at the moment – it was doing my head in just trying to understand these ones! To be honest, I still can’t explain what the hell they are but one thing I learnt is that they are important to authors. You see, apparently algorithms affect the visibility of a book in Amazon’s search facilities. The simplest way that I understand it is this – the more reviews on Amazon a book has, the more visible it then becomes overall. And the more visible it is, the more Amazon promotes it which in turn translates to more book sales. It’s like a domino effect. Reviews are everything! Considering the tiny amount received by authors from Amazon, more is definitely needed (it’s staggering how low it is – I didn’t have a clue when I began writing. Not. One. Clue.) Anyway, that is the reason I and every other author is so gung-ho about reviews. When I think of all the books I’ve read and all the times I didn’t write a review for them, I cringe at how casually I dismissed the importance of it. I wish I had known then. But now that I do, I personally vow to review every book I ever read in the future.

So, when I ask you regularly to please add your reviews to Amazon (and Goodreads if you’re on there), please know that you are directly helping/affecting the success of my book Fractured. And I need it to be successful so I can bring out book two and three. Reviews don’t have to be long, just a few lines is okay as long as it’s honest.

So my darling people, if you have my book and haven’t written a review, please jump on there and hit me up, my lovelies. Thanking you in advance. 😘😘😘

Oh, and if anyone knows anything at all about buying a domain name, please contact me and get me out of the minefield.

Much love as always,


Zelly309 ❤️❤️❤️



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