Fun Stuff

Fun facts about me.

Speaks Croatian terribly and with an Australian accent.

Can count to five in Japanese.

Had her head shaved at age 12 months.

Has an inch long scar on the top of her foot from playing with an ax as a child.

Was successfully hypnotised to quite smoking….ten years anniversary in November 2018.

Totally fibs about her height.

Wrote her debut novel entirely on an old iPad.

Did all the editing and proofreading herself for her book with no spellchecks because  that’s what she thought everyone did.

Is ambidextrous in many ways.

Readily admits to having Middle Child Syndrome.

Has an awful personal memory but a head full of useless celebrity trivia.

Spent Friday to Sunday throughout most of her early twenties wearing poodle skirts, Bobby socks and pony tails, jitterbugging her way through life.

Was a short lived treasurer for the Jailhouse Rockers.

Doesn’t mind the view from up high but hates edges.

Once got out of a speeding ticket by telling the cop she was busting to go to the loo.

Is very fussy about her coffee and does not do mornings well.

Had dogs as pets growing up but discovered she’s a cat person.

Fell out of bed twice in her whole life and both times were in the last two years.


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