Who knew that the love of a tv show would lead to wonderful friendships around the world,  laughter, shared fun and a dream come true?  That’s what happened to me when I joined Twitter and a domino effect took place.  So much is within reach when you open yourself to the possibilities.

I’m blessed to have a beautiful son, wonderful friends and family. Life hasn’t always been easy but I always try to find the love and laughter around me. And it’s there to be found.

All that mushy stuff aside, I love a good coffee, a good movie and a good book. It’s the love of reading and losing myself in a story that made me dream of one day writing something myself – just giving it “a go”.

So I did.

My debut novel FRACTURED was released in November 2017!! And now, its sequel UNVEILED too and it’s just the beginning hopefully. There’s more in this series so stay tuned!!!

Follow along with me for all the excitement and release news!

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