Hey all, 
Hope you’ve been well? 
Me…..life has been kicking my ass left, right and centre. But it’s okay – blue and green are some of my favourite colours. 😊
Now, as you can tell by the heading, there’s 3 days left! Yes, just three days left to enter my giveaway competition. So HURRY! Just hop onto my website and click on the bit on the front page that says…wait for it….CLICK ME! You’ll find all the details in my previous blog post but for the sake of speed, here’s the link…
Enter to Win!!! 🎉⚡️🎉⚡️ – Zelly Jordan

To make it all square and even, I’m waiting till the end of the 25th globally because you guys are slower than my Aussie timezone. Especially those of you on the USA westcoast. 🐢🐢🐢 
I have my little beanie that everyone’s name is going into…..yep, that’s how technologically advanced I am in the winner-choosing. 😁😁 But rest assured, it’s a very nice beanie. I’m literally gonna draw you out of a hat! Lol. 😊🎉👏🏼 Sort of like a rabbit…if I was a magician… which I’m not. But I do like to think of myself as magical. (Humour me)
This will be fun and I’m really looking forward to announcing the winner/s. I just hope that they don’t live in Narnia or some other far off land. (Refer to my previous complaint about Australia Post charges).
So….book news……. Is there any, you ask?
Yes, there is. Progress is going along smoothly again and it won’t be too far off before I can get it ready to publish again. I have to make decisions about who I’ll publish with this time as I wasn’t really aware of all the options the first time around. But now that I know how many companies can help you self-publish…well, let’s just say research is needed and also possibly some fundraising, depending on the cost. But I’ll figure that out in good time. Suggestions are welcome.
Meanwhile, I’ve been vacillating between a couple different book title options for Book Two. I thought I had it figured but lately I’m not so sure……. It’s so tempting just to call it The Sequel but considering it’s a trilogy, what do I then call BookThree? 😂 Ahhh, dilemmas…. No doubt I’ll vacillate some more before I make up my mind. 
The thing about this book is that something happened in the writing/editing process that I wasn’t expecting. Writing book one was relatively straight forward because I was mainly writing for myself and for the enjoyment of it, not really expecting anything to come of it until I suddenly had a publishing opportunity fall into my lap. Those of you who’ve read my interviews on this site will understand what I mean. For those who haven’t read them, jump over to the “media” section and have a read. 
However, with this book – writing/ editing and reworking it, I found that it came with a dreaded something called…….expectations. 😳😳😳 Yes, dun dun dun….. Expectations. You see, now that many people around the world have read Fractured, those people have expectations as to what they think book two should be like, and OMG did that realisation do my head in. The agonies and self doubt that hit me like a tonne of bricks…… What if I let people down? What if the sequel wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be? Was I simply fooling myself? Was Fractured a fluke? 
Gahh! 😱 I really hadn’t anticipated how badly I’d stress out about this. And I mean completely freak out!! Looney tunes.
There’s a ton of pics and memes out there that explain the mental hurdles that writers go through and you’ll find a couple funny ones below but that is truly how the process goes. I’m told it’s normal….Lord, I hope it’s normal. 
It took me a while to get over myself and get on with it and the battle was fierce and bloody. Every insecurity bled out onto my iPad as I fought that evil witch-faced dragon called Self-Doubt. She’s a cow and if and when she returns, I’ll slay her again. ⚔
And again. And again. Cause she doesn’t stay down. She’s raised her vile head a couple of times more and I vanquished her with relish. I think a war-cry helps with the gruesome task.

Anyway, battle over for now, the Word Angels came back and away I went. So all going well now. 
However, when it comes to promoting book two, I think I’ll do things a little different this time. I’m gonna need a couple of admins to help on social media I think. Any volunteers? 
Meanwhile, back to writing I go….. 
Please, spread the news about entering the giveaway before time runs out. And do please sent me a note if you want to be added on as an admin on my FB or Instagram or such. 
And don’t forget to follow me.
See you in a few days with the winners announcement.
As always, much love,
Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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