How do you cast a pod?

If you’re like me and have no idea, you rely on the kindness of others to lead you through the process. And that’s exactly what Kyle Canon, author extraordinaire did, with me.

Hey all,

Hope today finds you all well and healthy.

Yes, my dear followers, I have cast a pod. I am no longer a podcast-virgin and have now actually been on one!

Isn’t that cool? How very modern of me.

You see, I was very graciously asked by Kyle Canon and his lovely wife Lilly to be on their podcast show. In fact, I – ole me from Down Under – was their inaugural interview. Although I wasn’t meant to be first, (should have been second), the fates conspired to give me the honour. Colour me tickled pink.

And it was an honour. Not only did he help me through the technical process as I have not done this before but he was then so very kind and we had the most wonderful conversation. We chatted about all sorts of things and honestly could have talked for hours more. It’s an experience I will treasure and I couldn’t thank you enough Kyle for your warm welcome.

So…here it is!

Here’s our interview:

I so hope that you enjoy listening to it. Feel free to drop me a line or two about it – you know I’d love to hear back from you.

Please also feel free to check out all the posts on Kyle’s channel and share it with everyone you know because Kyle and Lilly deserve to get their podcast show known worldwide. And you never know…..I may even turn up on the channel again.😃😃 Follow him on……

Kyle Canon – Author


Twitter: @KyleCanonAuthor 

Instagram: kylecanonfiction

Patreon: and check out his books !

Meanwhile, have you entered the two giveaways yet? Don’t forget the cut off date for the book and merchandise giveaway is the 15th September and for the Jay tee shirt, it’s the 30th September, this year. So be quick. I can’t wait to draw them….gonna be fun!

As always, much love,

Zelly309 ❤️❤️❤️

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