Extensions of the NonHairy Kind.

Hey all,

Hope life is treating you well?

I’ve decided to extend my giveaway till the 25th February!! Yes, indeed. Why?

Why not, hey?

Actually, for two reasons. One…….the 21st as a date has no meaning for me whereas the 25th is my Dad’s Heavenly Birthday (May he RIP) and I really like the symbolism of using dates that have meaning for me. It’s also more fortuitous in terms of numerology.

And the second reason is that I’ve recently learnt how to do something on Goodreads so to give people on that site a chance to join in, I need to give them a bit of time…….so that’s what I’ll do.

Therefore, you need to get your entries in by the 25th February to be in the running for one of FOUR giveaways…..

❤️ One x personally autographed copy of Unveiled, Book 2 of The Unbreakable Series.

❤️ Three Amazon Gift Cards valued at $5 USD each.


Just be on my email list. If you’re not on it, then all you gotta do is click the red FOLLOW me button on my Welcome front page and fill out the pop up form for email notifs. You’ll receive the first chapter of Fractured as a thank you gift from me. 😀😎

Open to worldwide readers.

Good luck and talk to you soon!

Much love, as always

Zelly ❤️❤️❤️

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