My turn for coffee & cookies….

Hey everyone,

Yes indeed, I’m off having a coffee and cookies “visiting” my friend Rita – and yes it’s a long way to travel from Australia to South Africa just for coffee…… So I might as well blog on her site while I’m there.

She asked me to blog about something specific, too. And what a subject, lol. 😂😂😂  

So, have a read, check out Rita’s awesome blog, drop her a line and maybe me too!! Would love to hear your thoughts on this particular topic.

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to my cookies….

Much love,
Zelly 💜💜💜

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4 thoughts on “My turn for coffee & cookies….

  1. Hi, I wish you a safe journey and lots of fun! The wine in South Africa is quite good, you know. Hope you will share your adventures with us.


    1. No, darling, I’m not really going to SA…. Just pretending….that’s why I had the word visiting in ” “. I wish!! How amazing would that be!


      1. OH, you got me there. You are so full of adventures that I really could see you sitting on that plane! Shame on you! I´ll read “better” next time. I guess Rita is wondering about my comment on her blog.


        1. Lol…..ill explain it all to her. How cute you are.


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