você fala português?

Hey everyone!

Yes, a second translation has begun. Portuguese!! So excited.

Things are happening….. The Spanish translation is well underway and is expected sometime next month, now this new language. Hopefully, German and Swedish and Norwegian to come. Fingers crossed. (If you know translators, send them my way) 

And with Unveiled going through the final changes…some rewrites as well as editing….. Plus the book cover nearly ready, it won’t be long before that is released too!  

I need your help guys!

I need anyone who speaks Portuguese or knows someone who does to please get in contact with me ASAP.

Also, if you have a particular language that you would like my book/s to be translated to, please let me know…..

Meanwhile, much love as always! 

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2 thoughts on “você fala português?

  1. That is such great news. Can’t wait to read the 2 book. XOXOX


    1. Thankyou darling. If you know any German translators……..


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