Parla Italiano?

Hey guys,

Yes, I have found an Italian translator! Woohooooo. A lovely young woman living in Lombardia,  Italy will be translating Fractured and its sequels.  🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


Actually I can speak a little bit of Italian as my exhusband’s family and a lot of my friends are of Italian heritage. I can read it a little and understand the very very basics. Just not enough to translate a book. And I already have a proof reader for the translation. YEEHAW.!!  Very excited to say the least. 

I raised my son to understand that he is Half Croatian, Half Italian and ALL Australian. This used to confuse him when he was little (“But Mum, that doesn’t add up!”). Now, as we approach his 23rd birthday this month, he totally gets what I meant. I’m proud to have my work translated into two of his inherited languages. Now….if I could find someone for the Croatian version…..

So, amici, let’s get the word out to Italians all over the world, hey?!


As always, much love, 
Zelly 💜💜💜

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