Who says magic and science fiction can’t co-exist?

Hello lovely people,

Today I sat in my warm cozy house while outside was a glorious heatwave of 11 degrees Celsius, innocently editing my new, almost ready book, Unveiled, when suddenly I receive an email telling me that I have been included in a list of 10 Australian authors who write amazing science fiction! 

Say what? 

How did I get on that? Who’s responsible for this? And science fiction?

While I wouldn’t call what I write to be pure sci-fi, it definitely does have elements of it. And hell yeah, I’m Aussie! 

A very proud Aussie!

(This is where you can all chant Oi, Oi, Oi !!)

 So to be included in a list of Aussie authors is just absolutely magical and extraordinary and exciting!  Thankyou to whoever instigated this wonderous event.

I’m very happy and proud to share this list with you all, not only for my inclusion but to introduce you to other awesome Australian authors. 

Please share this link to all your online places and spread the word.


Thankyou so much ezvid for this honour. 

As always, much love..
Zelly 💜💖💜

PS: more exciting translation news coming up soon.

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4 thoughts on “Who says magic and science fiction can’t co-exist?

  1. Inger Sköllermark June 21, 2019 — 6:21 am

    Good for you, Zelly! Congrats!


  2. Well obviously you need to change your profile pic Z and insert a wormhole in the background…
    Well done 👍🏻 I hope the publicity leads to more readers. Now hurry up with the next book!


    1. Lol. A wormhole.

      So nice to hear from you. Hope you’ve been well.

      The new book won’t be long now.

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