Puzzle me twice……

Hey everyone,
It’s that time!  Time for a bit more of the puzzle reveal of Unveiled. I had lots of fun doing the puzzle, I gotta say. 

Maybe I should look into getting it created into a real jigsaw?? Is that even possible, I wonder?  Does anyone know? I reckon that would be very cool……🤔🤔🤔. Speaking of cool…. If I did some merchandise down the track, what would you all like to see on offer? Hit me with your ideas, people – I’m all ears.

See you tomorrow!!
Zelly 💜💖💜

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3 thoughts on “Puzzle me twice……

  1. Still have no clue on the pic hun, but will try to think of some merch ideas 😉


  2. Hey Z.


    1. Really?? That’s so great! Thanks honey. Hope you’re well. Xxx


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