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Hey all,

I’m so excited that Unveiled is finally here !!  What about you? I wonder how many of you guessed where I was taking this story….or what’s coming up? I had the fun of updating my website with some new Pics of Inspiration that I have had for months and months. Now that Unveiled is released, I can finally show them……check it out!  

The ebook conversion of Unveiled is underway and I can’t wait till it’s finished. I had to rely on the publisher to convert it because it would have been a complete shamozzle if I had done it…..oh Lord, the techno challenges that gave me and my White Angel 😳😳😳 you wouldn’t believe the melodrama. We could have made a Netflix series out of it all.

Of course, I will make an announcement when it becomes available. I may even make a song and a dance about it, depending on my mood that day. 

As for translations….well I’m excited to say that I have not one but THREE translations that are all done and are now in the hands of proofreaders to ensure accuracy.  👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’m just waiting for their go ahead to approve the manuscript and then there will be a Portuguese, a Spanish and a French version of Fractured ready for release!  The other two…German and Italian…….are progressing nicely and I continue the search for other languages. Once again, I will make an announcement when they become available….I may have to take tap dancing lessons for this event because it’s a doozy!

I see that there’s already been lots of entrants into my Giveaway Competition! Awesome!  Keep it coming…..the more tickets you have, the more chance to win some stuff. And don’t forget to let me know about it so I don’t miss anyone…… Good luck!!

So that’s the news for today….. See you soon.

Much love,
Zelly 💜💖💜

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