Look What I Made!

Hey lovely people, 
Hope you are all well?
I have come up with a new giveaway that I’m really excited about! 
Truly, I never imagined in my wildest dreams a few years ago that one day I would be doing the things I’m doing lately and I’m tickled pink to announce my next giveaway. It might seem very Ho Hum to some but it’s new to me and I’m chuffed. Maybe those that have been in the industry awhile or who have made this stuff before might not be so impressed but I think it’s very cool. Maybe you will too?
I wanted to do something a little different with this giveaway and had to think awhile on what to do …..I mean what does an author give away usually? 

Books and book vouchers, right??  
Amazon vouchers probably?
 I’ve given away books and will again and I’ll do the vouchers another time (once I figure out how to do them) but what else could I do? And then, like a proverbial lightbulb above my head, it came to me and off I went to have them made, enjoying the creative side of it all – the concept, the layout and coming up with a new tagline, all of it a fun new challenge.
And so now I have these two items to give away. Ready for it?  
TAA DAAAA……….!!!!!  

What do you think? Do you like them? 
Personally I think I didn’t do a bad job considering that I pretty much assed my way through the process, lol. Like most technical things, I skim through on pure luck most of the time and in fact, even these aren’t perfect but I’m proud of them even with their tiny flaws.  
There are only two of each of these in existence in the world – one set I have (coz, hey, I should have one, right?) and the other is now the Grand Prize in my new giveaway. 
So if you would like to be the owner of this fine set of merchandise, this WORLD EXCLUSIVE SET that no one in world besides me has, then you’ll have to enter ASAP!  
The last giveaway competition that I ran gave me a mild case of anxiety (I kid you not) and made my head explode. Keeping track of everyone’s retweets and shares was tricky as I didn’t want to miss anyone’s actions or double count them either so it was a systematic nightmare to keep up with!  
Therefore this time I’m making it super easy and guaranteeing no head explosions and miscount worries for myself as it’ll all be tracked for me. Brilliant hey?
So here’s the details……
Giveaway begins right now….. Friday 25th October, 2019
Ends on Friday 8th November, 2019
HOW TO ENTER: sign up for email subscription through my website. 
That’s the ONLY way to enter. I will be drawing the winner from THIS email list. (Following me on Facebook or Instagram won’t count for this giveaway – see my exploding head story up above.) 
Now, you might already be following my website because you pressed on the follow button down on the bottom right hand side of this site but that is almost impossible for me to keep track of. So, if you did that previously, you’ll need to clear your browsing history and then jump back on my site and sign up for email when you get the pop up entry onscreen (this only happens the first time you go on my site, which is why you have to clear your browser). 
If you’ve already signed up for email notifs, well, lucky you!!! You’re already entered into the comp. 
If you’re reading this but you hadn’t yet signed up for email, then hop to it, my friends! (There’s actually a nice little thank you for signing up anyway – in the form of a FREE first chapter of Fractured, Book One of the Unbreakable Series.)
This for me is the easiest way of keeping track as the website’s Mail system lists all of the entries and is much more reliable than me counting retweets and shares (especially with Twitter sometimes being super glitchy and eating my notifications, grrrr.)
So sign up and enter the draw!! I’m soooooo looking forward to giving these babies away!!
In fact, the easiest way to make it all very simple for everyone – just clear your browser history then get onto my site and fill out the pop up form regardless of how you signed up before – any duplicates will be weeded out. 

 And of course, share this competition with everyone you  know!
I have other news but I’ll save that for next time! 
Oh and don’t forget to review my book/s on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc……….I’d be ever so grateful. Coz, yanno……..this……
 Talk soon!!
Much love,
Zelly 💖💜💖

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