Back to Back, Yellow and Black

Hey all,

Hope you are all well and safe?

I wish you could all be as well and happy as I am today but that’s highly unlikely.

Why am I so happy today? Because my favourite team in all the world, the Richmond Tigers, won the Aussie Rules Premiership Cup last night……their third win in the last FOUR years! That’s right…they won the Grand Final in 2017, 2019 and now 2020! Back to back wins for my boys in yellow and black. They’ve won in previous years too but this is a record. The year we missed out, 2018, we were still in the semifinal.

How awesome is that?! They are LEGENDS, I tell ya. Legends!!

For those wondering what the heck I’m talking about here’s a pic and a highlight reel of the game. It’s called AFL football and it’s soooo thrilling. Woohoooo! 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯

Another exciting thing I have for you today is the interview below. This lovely author is someone I recently connected with online and someone who I’m pleased to say enjoyed my books as much as I’ve enjoyed his. His genre is so thoroughly different to mine that the two could be in different postcodes [zipcodes] !! 😀😀 But that’s exactly what makes reading so fun and fascinating, right ? The joy of discovery; of immersing yourself into a completely alien (pun intended) world and losing yourself within the pages for a relaxing while. And this talented writer has one of the most wildly crazy imaginations of anyone I’ve ever come across.

I’m delighted to introduce you to the wonderful Stefan Angelina McElvain, author of many diverse and interesting stories and a very nice man.


Welcome Stefan! 

What can you tell us about yourself?

Stefan’s a non-de-plume. I was born in England, married my girlfriend from high school and have been together for over forty-six years. We came to the US in the mid-eighties with our two children and now live in the South Bay, Los Angeles. Currently retired or a struggling writer.

When did you first get published?

I started writing after retirement…why is a complex story, basically my wife challenged me. My first story, Alex, wrote itself. No outline, no conscious plot development, guess it had to come out! After multiple rejections, the novella was picked up by eXtasy Books and published September 2014. Loved the character, Alex became a series, Origins, then Invasion, Vampires, and now Beyond…based in a different reality I named the Alexverse. 

You have degrees in both Business and Physics which are two completely different fields of learning. What drew you to such diverse subjects?

After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do and took a joint honors degree in Physics and Electronics. My career started in R&D, wandered through a period of self-employment and eventually back to engineering management. My company sent me, and my family) to the US to work with the design teams on multinational design. We stayed. My career moved through marketing, got an MBA from USC, and ended up in program management. Deep down, I’m a problem solver. Still don’t know why I took up writing, but I am addicted!

Given your Physics Degree, how has that helped you in shaping the sci-fi/fantasy stories you write? Can you separate your knowledge of what is possible or probable? Or does it hinder the process of writing fantastical, impossible sci-fi?

I’ve always loved science fiction, adventure, and fantasy and devoured books by Asimov, C.S Lewis, Tolkien, Jose Farmer, Burroughs, Robert Howard to name a few. Science is eye-opening…waves can be particles—and some travel backward in time! Solid mass is mainly fresh air, everything is duality…we live in a complex world and nothing is for certain. Long answer, but a background in physics and math opens doors to different possibilities…a quote from Sean Connery…never say never.

You write in the paranormal field too….do you have a preference for any particular genre? Which do you find the most difficult to write in?

I’m not aware of a preference. I write in multiple genres and use different pennames. Don’t believe in spending too much time working on a plot or an outline. I start at the beginning and the story flows and quite often makes U-turns. Sometimes, you get an all-in…a combination of sexy paranormal science fiction where anything goes.

Most difficult genre…don’t have one. I tell a lie. I tried to write a mystery and failed miserably. That’s one genre you do need to plan out and create a flow diagram. That story had multiple incarnations…eventually becoming Bridgette, Vampires II.

The other issue is sometimes inspiration fades. My answer is put the manuscript to one side and write something else. I always have two or three stories running around inside my head. At the moment, I’m editing Revna, Beyond IV, and Rapture and Beyond, the series climax…so for some variety, I’m working on a possession story…involving a sex-doll…plus I have to finish Vampires III, Circus of the Night.

Would you ever write in other genres?

Yes. Stefan writes mainly science fiction, paranormal romance, and erotica.

My wife and I jointly write sweet romance and stories for younger readers. Love writing short stories. We use a different pen name…Judy and Keith. Our next project is a group of three novellas aimed at teenagers, Paranormal Mysteries. We plan to self-publish this mid to late 2021.

Often your books involve some sort of space travel…would you classify yourself as a Trekkie or more of a Star Wars fan? Does everyone have to choose one or the other if they’re into sci-fi? (Asking for all the non sci-fi people like me, lol.)

There’s no conflict. Comics have the answer…the Omniverse consists of multiple and separate multiverses. Each multiverse has an infinite number of universes. Star Wars takes place in one. Trekkies live in a different one, hobbits occupy a different dimension…and don’t get me going with alternate timelines or dreams. I still remember from thirty plus years ago, an entire season of Dallas turned out to be a dream!

If you had to choose one futuristic invention that we could have right now, what would you choose and why? And which inventions do you consider dangerous?

Transmat pad. Who wants to be stuck in traffic? Step on the pad and step off at your destination…instantaneous travel.

The invention isn’t dangerous. The problem is what people do with it. I’d use atomic power as an example…and plastic…amazing stuff, but swimming in plastic waste…not so good.

If you could pick the brains of anyone in this world, from any field, living or not, who would it be and why?

C.S. Lewis had a big influence on the younger me. He wrote fantasy and science fiction…plus amazing treatises especially on guilt and forgiveness.

Tell us about your home town and country and how different is it compared to living in the currently volatile USA?

My hometown’s main claim to fame is that it was the capital of Mercia, then the Vikings came and burnt the place down! The place never fully recovered, even comedians made fun…the town’s been called a graveyard with lights! It was small with a castle, a large church, lots of pubs, couple of hotels and one night club…quiet. Haven’t been back for years, my brothers still live there.

There’s no comparison to LA, sun, beaches, mountains, deserts and lots of blue sky…that’s when the fires aren’t adding a tinge of orange.

When I worked, I travelled a lot, now I’m retired I don’t have to fight the crowds. Off to the beach in a few minutes, it’ll be nice…and quiet.

What’s your favourite drink to have beside you when you write?

Inspiration comes with a glass of red wine, or a gin with a splash of tonic while sitting in our rooftop garden watching the planes land at LAX.

Are you creative in other ways?

My mind’s split…math and science, love numbers, but, now, I’m indulging my artistic side…I paint, sing, play the piano, dance…and write.

What do you wish you’d learned earlier in life?

Confidence…but you’re never too old or young to try something new.

Where can people find your works and get to know more about you?

Follow me on Twitter. @stefanangelinaM. You can’t say much with the Twitter character limit…DM me for a chat.

Find me on Allauthor, Goodreads, and Facebook,
If you want to chat and ask a question, Facebook is best.

All my books are available on Amazon. Please visit my author page


Hope you enjoyed that interview as much as I I enjoyed conducting it. A huge thank you to Stefan for being so generous with his time – I am delighted and so appreciative. 🥰

Now, before I sign off, just some quick updates ……..

I need proofreaders who are fluent in English as well as either Italian or French. If you have the time to read and verify my translate book, then I need your help help urgently. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Please contact me ASAP. The other languages …Portuguese and German are on track with their verification so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way. (I cannot believe the amount of setbacks these translations have experienced – aka horrendous – but I’m persistent and will continue not matter how slow the process is.)

I’m also trying to decide what new additions I should add to my website so I’d really like your input with this. What would you like to see on here?

Hit me up with some suggestions……merchandise? Competitions? Character studies? Character interviews? Let me know……

Meanwhile, if you are an author and would like to be interviewed, get in touch! And keep and ear out for my own interview coming up……

As always, much love,

Zelly 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤 (goes back to singing the team song….for the millionth time)

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