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You remember how a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of appearing on my very first podcast? I blogged about it here…….

https://zellyjordan.com/2020/09/09/how-do-you-cast-a-pod/?share=press-this&nb=1 Be sure to check out all his interviews, actually….you just never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll discover.

Well, I’ve now had the pleasure of interviewing the superlicious Kyle and as expected, it was fun and revealing, (pun intended).

Of course, my interviews are of the written kind because technology does not allow me to podcast, chromecast or shoecast in any capacity. I can’t even cast a fishing line….or is that a net? 🤔


I think you’ll agree that Kyle has an interesting bio and a lovely engaging personality that reflects the truly nice guy he is.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mr Kyle Canon! 🎉🎊🎉 grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy……


Tell us all about yourself and how you got into publishing.

I have to confess that I read all the questions and began answering some others before hitting the tough ones, like this.  Believe it or not, I am painfully shy and hate tooting my own horn but here I go. 

I’ve been asked questions like this before and just never know how to answer.  The simplest answer is just the best.  I always wanted to write good science fiction.  It is a genre I enjoy reading, for escapism and I love the idea of creating my own worlds and universes.  I have even written and published several short stories, under a different name.  The problem was, they never took off as I hoped, worse, the stories and characters didn’t speak to me so I stopped writing and concentrated on other things.  

Then, a few years ago I was reading another author’s blog and he said when he runs into writer’s block or creative issues he ‘…cleanses his palate…’ and writes erotica.  I read that at a time when I was bringing in a great deal of change to my life. In addition to our photography and her modeling, my wife and I began going to nudist resorts and over time developed an interest in the swinger lifestyle.  

We are both cautious people and did a great deal of research into the topic.  The idea intrigued us both.  Yes, that sounds clinical rather than approaching it from a purely hormonal basis.  Did you know major new organizations have done hundreds of stories about swinging, many from a psychological perspective?  Just do a google search.  

Anyway, I began journaling my thoughts and feelings as Lilly and I entered the lifestyle. We learned much in those first few years, top on the list is there are many types and, call them, ‘levels’ of swinging.  We were also shocked to learn how many people choose open and honest non-monogamous arrangements rather than cheating on a loved one.  My first book was really that journal, edited and changed enough to call it fiction.  However, the story is basically us.     

I’ve been asked if I have a message I am trying to send with my novels and stories about swinging.  Yes, several.  

First, loving couples must communicate openly about their needs.  Second, cheating is harmful to any relationship.  It is lying and inherently hurtful.   Third, there are MANY normal couples who engage in open non-monogamous relationships.  The key to success?  My first point, open and honest communication.  At this point, I will give a shameless plug for my first novel, The Photographer’s Story https://www.amazon.com/Photographers-Story-Kyle-Canon-ebook/dp/B074CGD9HT If you really want to know about the real me/us, give it a read.  

I was surprised at the popularity of the novel.  Many people wrote and said it was similar to how they entered life with their spouse or reflected conversations they were having with a partner.  I also had requests to continue writing, so I did.  🙂  

What did you want to be growing up?

A marine biologist.  I love the ocean and spend as much time as I can diving and doing underwater photography.  I can’t describe the sensation I have when in the ocean, other than to say it makes me feel connected to something far greater than myself.  

Who do you think has been your biggest influence in life and why?

My grandmother.  She was a strong woman, a female executive at a time that the glass ceiling was pretty solid and opaque.  Sadly, much of what I learned from her wouldn’t sink in until I was well into adulthood and she had passed.    

You also run a successful, fun and informative podcast…..tell us about how that got started and where you imagine you’d like to take it?

Several years ago I was contacted by a podcaster, Wayne, from The Right Buzz.  He’d seen my work and asked if I was interested in doing an interview.  I did and it went over great.  He commented to me several times that his listener ship increased for that show.  I think it was the fact that we had open and honest talk about swinging. Almost a year later he asked if Lilly and I would want to interview together.  She agreed.  We had a great time chatting and I received a lot of positive email from fans. Most thanked us for talking about the importance of communication.

After that podcast, Wayne kept encouraging us to start our own but we resisted.  I barely had time to write, much less organize a podcast.  Then 2020 hit.  I won’t bore everyone with details but Lilly and I started several projects while under lockdown. She narrated a few more of my books and we discussed how we could better promote those books.  That talk quickly turned to, can we also help promote other independent authors?  We revisited the idea of the podcast and decided to give it a go.  I would say right now our focus is to share news about other authors, discuss a sex-positive lifestyle when appropriate and self-promote.

I’ve been so happy with the response from fellow authors.  Moreover, we love the chance to talk to others from around the world.  I hope to continue to grow the audience and do more author interviews.  If you are reading this, please contact me. We are very friendly, don’t bite and the interview is a lot of fun. 🙂    

If you could interview anyone, dead or alive, real or fictional, on your podcast, or elsewhere, who would that be?

Harry Dresden, from Jim Butchers – Dresden Files series of books. He is a fascinating and complex character with a snarky sense of humor.  I’ve read the entire series and love the way he has grown as a character.   

If you lived in Utopia, what do you envision as an ideal society?

One in which people genuinely appreciate and respect one another. Simple, right?

Do you have any unexpected and weird quirks that people would be surprised to know about you?

I am painfully shy.  Yes, the naturist swinger is very shy.  LOL  Over the years I’ve worked to cover it up (no nudist pun intended). 

Favourite travel destination? Where would you love to travel to?

I love the mountains but grew up on the ocean.  I know, could I give you any more extreme favorite travel destinations?  My favorite travel locations would be Montana, near Glacier National Park and the Florida Keys.  One of the things that has been hardest on me over the last year are all the restrictions on travel. But, if I had to pick a location to visit, it would be Australia to dive on the Great Barrier Reef.   

Given the tumultuous election that your country has just gone through, would you say that you’re extremely patriotic or politically minded? Or just exhausted and over it?

My, a truly loaded question.  I would say I am both patriotic and politically minded.  I love the fact that in the US we largely have freedom to express our opinions and follow our own course as long as it doesn’t interfere with others.  

I’ve often described myself as a news and political junkie.  🙂  That said, I am terribly concerned at the intolerance so many of my fellow citizens display to one another.  You are either team red or blue, there is no in-between.  My concern is that this type of thinking is driving a wedge between us.  I have a friend who described it as being like a fan for a sports team.  No matter what, they are your team.  I just don’t think that way.  

Over the last ten years I’ve fallen back on the concept of never talking about religion or politics with anyone who isn’t very close to me. So, that’s about all I’ll say on the subject of politics. 🙂  

What’s your favourite piece of writing advice?

Just write.  Then rewrite.  Seriously, I think the best advice I have is to write what is in your heart. Especially when writing about emotions or relationships.  Your work will be better and you may even learn something about yourself.  

How confident do you feel about dealing with the digital side of publishing? What do you feel you still need to master?

I feel good about the process of publishing.  Smashwords and KDP don’t scare me.  What I HATE, is the promotion side of things.  I am just terrible at it.  

What goals do you have going forward?

Write more, enjoy life and be a better person each day.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. I am currently enjoying Kona Coffee.  Years ago I weaned myself from Starbucks. 🙂

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, we have two.  I’m allergic to cats.

Cries in movies or No? And would you admit it if you did?

Haha, yes I have and yes I will admit it.  I will even tell you the movie, The Holiday.  We watch it every Christmas season and yes, I do tear up everytime.  The message that love will find us when we least expect it gets me everytime.  Probably because it is very much how Lilly and I got together.  

Biggest pet peeve?

People who text and drive.

Who do you fanboy over?

Nothing really.  I don’t have a fanboy personality. I was never a concert person nor did I have one group I couldn’t live without.  My musical tastes range from AC/DC to Mozart.  No favorite actors, actresses… 

What do you think every man should know?

Two things.  How to say I’m sorry and mean it. How to appreciate a strong partner. 

Where can people listen to your podcast and buy your books?

Our podcast can be found at: https://anchor.fm/kyle-canon It is available on Spotify, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Google Podcasts, Breaker and Apple Podcasts.

All my books are on amazon, free with Kindle unlimited. I also have about 10 audio books on audible.


As an Australian woman who loves AC/DC, I totally approve of these answers….lol.

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. Kyle is such a lovely person with some interesting viewpoints on subjects that many people won’t even mention let alone discuss. I really admire what he’s trying to achieve with his podcast too……as an author, this kind of support from fellow writers is invaluable and I hope my readers will support his efforts. He doesn’t know it but his example is a large part of why I began doing interviews myself. Support other authors and introduce my readers to them? That’s such a easy thing for me to do and honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner….colour me “slow”.

I hope I can add my own little bit into this fellowship of support and bring Kyle and everyone I interview some new followers and fans. The fact that they are on my blog means they are fully recommended by me….otherwise I wouldn’t have them here. (Coz I’m the boss of my blog, yanno…😃)

Thank you Kyle for agreeing to be probed by me – hope it was painless.

In other news……

I had to make some decisions recently….. I’ll fill you in on my next blog.

For now, as always,

Much love,

Zelly 💜❤️💜

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