imageHey everyone!!  Thought I’d let you all know that I have now created a Facebook page for my book release (another new trick I’ve learnt) so please follow me there too. I’ve called it  zelly309writes.   (See what I did there? Very inventive, lol )

I’ve been working on book titles because I can’t use the previous titles that I already had so…back to the drawing board on that one. You’d think it would be easy, wouldn’t you? Because I’ve done it before? But no…….

I’m pretty excited that my pen name is almost 100% locked in. I’ve been musing over it for weeks, ever since the publisher initially contacted me but now that I’ve signed with them, they do need to establish that no other author is using it. So……grrrrrrrr…..I’m feeling very territorial over that name. Fingers crossed its mine.

If the picture I added into this post actually sticks and gets posted, then that means I’ve successfully learnt another new thing.  And I’ll add more pictures then.  But I think I’m getting the hang of things.  Guess you’re never too old, hey?

Wherever you are, have a wonderful day or night, until next time.

Take care,


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  1. So much fun trying to imagine your pen name! Fingers crossed you get the one you want!

    Renaming the stories – remember the vote? I remember I lost? I’m not holding my breath for that one! But you should put it on your list!

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  2. Haha, yes new tricks can always be learned honey! And of course I am very curious about the name you are going to use. Love reading your blog.

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